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When done right, localization enables businesses to connect with customers worldwide and grow their business. But these projects can get complicated fast, making it challenging to scale, especially on a tight budget or timeline. A competent language service provider and a robust translation management system can help you become Smartling Global Ready.

If you're in the market for either or both of these, you have probably realized that with so many options, it can be tricky to settle on the right solution for you. This page will help you understand how Smartling compares to the other players in the space.

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Lingotek offers translation services and a cloud-based TMS. But the pared-down software provides for a less customizable and less seamless user experience than Smartling. On the other hand, Smartling's TMS has many customizable features like dynamic workflows and allows for a seamless flow of content between sources. Further, Smartling's world-class language services include a carefully vetted pool of expert translators.


Lokalise's TMS has some automation features, offers machine translation, and can connect companies with human translators. But companies may find Lokalise's offering too limited. Smartling's TMS, built on enterprise-grade security infrastructure, combines powerful project management features and MT options with a robust, translator-friendly CAT tool. Smartling also gives companies direct access to world-class translation services.


Memsource is good for users looking for basic integrations, some project management features, and MT options. With Smartling's TMS, on the other hand, users can send content for translation via a wide range of integrations, increase efficiency with many different project management tools, and leverage both human translators and various MT engines to localize their content.


Users of Lilt have access to a cloud-based TMS that has some helpful project management features and an adaptive MT tool that can increase efficiency. Smartling's TMS takes things a bit further: within its TMS, it offers a feature-rich CAT tool, so translators have everything they need for high-quality translations in one place, customizable workflows, reporting tools, and a translation proxy that makes website translation seamless.


Phrase is best for companies requiring only software localization: it offers several features and integrations with developers in mind. Smartling, however, is the most scalable solution for translating enterprise-wide content. From website and software localization to translating marketing content and even subtitling videos, Smartling's TMS can handle it all. Plus, Smartling offers world-class language services, putting customers in touch with professional translators who have extensive industry expertise. (TransPerfect)

While TDC remains a language services provider first and a tech company second, Smartling has been a tech-first company from the start. Smartling utilizes AI, machine learning, and analytics throughout the product to create the most robust and streamlined user experience possible. Smartling also incorporates user feedback and feature requests into product updates. Plus, thoughtfully chosen translators across numerous language pairs are available to work on any or all of a customer's content - there are no translation minimums.


XTM's platform helps automate workflows and encourages collaboration. But when it comes to complex or varied translation needs, Smartling shines. Smartling has dozens of integrations, including APIs and a translation proxy that simplifies website translation (and requires almost no IT involvement). It also has a CAT tool equipped with visual context, TM leverage, and quality checks.


While Lionbridge offers a few different software solutions for customers looking for localization project management tools, it is still primarily a language services company. Smartling offers a feature-rich, cloud-based TMS that streamlines all tasks related to translation, charges no translation minimums, and provides access to experienced translators with extensive industry expertise and white-glove project management support.


While Transifex mainly supports mobile app, software, and website translation, Smartling supports enterprise-wide translation needs - from apps, software, and websites to marketing materials, video subtitling, and beyond. In addition to offering many APIs and integration options, Smartling provides customers with a powerful translation proxy, which makes website translation simple - almost no IT expertise is needed. Highly customizable workflows and reporting capabilities also help streamline translation processes.


Crowdin's TMS automates specific translation tasks and has some helpful project management features. It also can connect companies with third-party translation vendors. Smartling, however, offers an end-to-end cloud-based solution that centralizes all source and translated content and easily scales to support all content types and volumes. In addition, users can engage with localization experts and thoroughly vetted translators should they choose to do so.


While memoQ was developed originally as a tool for translators, Smartling was built for both translators and customer-side project managers. The TMS has an easy-to-use UI, encourages collaboration, and gives project managers visibility into their translators' work. Translators have access to a CAT tool with visual context, QA checks, and more. Additionally, Smartling offers project management and localization support and is a full-service LSP with access to expert translators.


While MotionPoint supports the translation of other digital content, its flagship product remains its web proxy. Smartling offers an end-to-end translation management solution with enterprise-grade security software that provides visibility into the entire process and numerous project management and reporting features. Smartling's web proxy is also the best in the market, with a 99.99% uptime and localized websites that load within milliseconds.