Sample Translation RFP

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Sample RFP for Translation Technology and Services

A Request for Proposal (RFP) of translation technology and services is an important part of the process in determining the translation requirements of your company, and evaluating how well a particular translation vendor will work for you. Your RFP should give the translation vendor knowledge of your current state as well as your longer term goals. This way, you can see all of the ways in which your brand can benefit from translation today and in the future.

The tricky part about creating your translation RFP is in recognizing all of the different things that your company does that will impact the types of translation solutions you need. That’s why we’ve created a sample RFP template for translation technology and services. The sample translation RFP questions we provide give you the opportunity to assess your own business requirements and identify the appropriate translation solution.

Sample RFP Questions

We’ve provided a concise list of questions for companies to study what they currently do and what they need in order to expand into global markets. When you expand your business into new markets, your content needs to speak to your audience and create a brand experience that resonates with them.

You are the expert at what you do. But it can be difficult to know the essential questions to ask when vetting a translation solution provider. You may not realize the information that is critical for configuring the best translation solution for your organization.

Every company is different. Do you need translation services? Do you currently have translators in various locations and only need translation management software? Perhaps you’re interested in website translation or help with documentation. Are you having trouble scaling your translation efforts across multiple languages?

Our sample RFP was created to help with all of these variables. You won’t know what you need unless you first assess organizational requirements and business objectives.

Finding the Right Translation Solution

It’s not just about creating content, it’s about creating an internal and external communication that works. Whatever your company size and wherever your market, there are opportunities to improve the process.

If you’re just getting ready to move into a new market, the implementation of a translation solution can seem overwhelming. You have to consider every portion of your business, but in another language. If you’re already global, there are likely some areas where you can improve the process internally. Often there are tweaks needed to improve the customer experience as well as to reduce the cost to your business.

Are you interested in seeing how an end-to-end translation solution can accelerate your company’s growth? Download our sample RFP today and contact us to learn more.