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The Everyday Guide to Software Localization

Software localization isn’t the same as internationalization. We’ll talk through the differences between the two and what that means for your localization strategy.
About Localization

Translation Isn't Blind: How to sell out of a new product in 24 hours with Vitamix

During this episode, discover how Vitamix, leveraging Smartling's language services and Global Delivery Network, was able to launch more new products for their direct to consumer markets than ever before.
About Localization

Localizing eCommerce Content in the 2020s

eCommerce is no longer just about the product. It's about the content. During this webinar, learn how to apply consumer data to better reach your end-user in any language
About Localization

What is High Availability? Four 9's vs Three 9's

The difference between 99.99% and 99.9% may not seem like very much, but could cost your business a lot of time and money.
About Localization

Translation Proxies Explained: The Power of The Global Delivery Network

Smartling's powerful Global Delivery Network translation proxy enables brands to launch content in new languages faster than any other solution.
About Localization

CSA Research: Re-assessing Translation Proxy Solutions

Translation proxy software has earned its place in the pantheon of useful localization technology.
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93 Hours to 35 Hours: How AdRoll cut their translating time by more than half
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Delivering the personal touch across 5,600 hotels in 16 languages

InDepth Webinar: GDN

The fastest way to launch your website and web application in any language is with Smartling.
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How Cognizant used Smartling and Adobe to build trust and win mindshare in new markets
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How Foursquare increased international engagement without disrupting app development
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InterContinental Hotels Group

Leading Global Hotel Operator Has Another First-Mover Advantage: Agile Translation
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Translating Trust: How Canary delivers a superior home security experience around the world