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Localizing eCommerce Content in the 2020s

eCommerce is no longer just about the product. It's about the content. During this webinar, learn how to apply consumer data to better reach your end-user in any language
About Localization

Localized Content Marketing is How Brands Reach a Global Audience

Localization, through thoughtful translation, expands reach, and expanded reach drives revenue.
About Localization

Website Language Selector Best Practices for a Simple User Experience

Make it easy for users to personalize their experience by selecting their preferred language for your website.
About Localization

Why Website Localization Remains an Advantage in 2020

Engage new audiences around the world by adapting your website to different cultural nuances and preferences.
About Localization

How to Localize Your Mobile App

If your product is cloud-based software, then your product is a global offering from day zero.
About Localization

Multilingual Chatbots Are the Key to In-Language Support

Brands can provide customers with live, in-language support with self-service and conversational chabots.
About Localization

What Is Globalization: How to Achieve Global Market Saturation

Globalization braces your company for growth and expansion, both significant qualifiers for potential shareholders and partnerships.
About Localization

Translating Product Information: Why You Need to Integrate Your PIM With a TMS

Maintaining and organizing all of your product data can prove challenging and demanding without an integrated TMS.
About Localization

How To Translate User-Generated Content

Translating your user-generated content is one easy way to provide that authentic experience to all consumers, regardless of their native language or location.
About Localization

How to Enter the APAC Market: Tips for Asia-Pacific Localization

The APAC region is ripe with opportuntiy, but will require a unique approach to penetrate the market.
About Localization

How to Prioritize Content for Translation and Save Money

Brands should stagger content translation based on priority to help simplify localization efforts and save money.
About Localization

The Complete Guide to Scaling Your Business With a TMS

Planning on expanding your brand into new markets? Smartling has you covered.
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Translating Trust: How Canary delivers a superior home security experience around the world

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