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Translating Product Information: Why You Need to Integrate Your PIM With a TMS

Maintaining and organizing all of your product data can prove challenging and demanding without an integrated TMS.

Making Knowledge Universal - Launching our Salesforce Knowledge Integration

We’re excited to launch another customer support integration - this time with Salesforce Knowledge.
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SumUp: From Zero to Localization Hero

Eliminating over 200 copy and paste actions through the power of automation

Smartling For Contentful

Manage content and experiences in any language easily with our Smartling connector for Contentful.
Today at Smartling

Smartling Announces WordPress WPML Plugin

New integration provides Smartling customers with a second methodology to translate website content without leaving WordPress platform.
About Localization

Translation Proxies Explained: The Power of The Global Delivery Network

Smartling's powerful Global Delivery Network translation proxy enables brands to launch content in new languages faster than any other solution.

Product Launch: Say Hello to Smartling Draft

Smartling Draft, a new tool that unifies the entire global content creation experience, is available today.
About Localization

How Smartling Makes WordPress Translation Even Better

Smartling lets you translate WordPress content without ever leaving your familiar CMS.
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The R&A

Creating a single point of reference for all translations
About Localization

Slack is Making Big Moves in Localization

A response to “How we Localize Slack- The cultural considerations and values that guide Slack’s global accessibility”
Today at Smartling

Smartling and Contentful Partner to Deliver Built-in Translation Integration to Address Global, Multichannel Customer Experience Demands

Users of Contentful’s Content Infrastructure Can Now Seamlessly Integrate Smartling’s Translation Management Platform to Localize Content Efficiently at Scale
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Mapping Out Growth With Localization
About Localization

Integrations Are Key When Selecting a Translation Management Platform

The right TMS solution for you needs to not only prove an integration is possible, but aligned with your unique requirements as well.

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