SumUp: Eliminating 200+ manual actions through automation


SumUp is a financial technology company that allows businesses of all sizes to receive payments quickly and simply, both in-store and online. Named as Europe’s fastest-growing company in the ‘Inc. 5000’, over 4,000 companies join the SumUp platform every day.


As SumUp expanded globally into new markets, the need for localization became clear. But they faced many localization obstacles, including zero content documentation, decentralized processes across five offices, and the lack of a content management system. With plans to expand into 13 new countries and products already launched in eight languages, SumUp needed to develop processes around content uniformity and implement a new approach for managing translation.


SumUp enhanced its content management and localization strategies by adopting Contentful and integrating it with Smartling's translation management system. With this technology in place, they implemented a new translation process that provided visual context for translators and ensured consistent messaging across channels. All of this improved quality and time to publication significantly, allowing SumUp to meet their goal of launching 13 new languages in just 3 months.

Want to hear more about SumUp’s journey with Smartling? Watch From Zero to Localization Hero webinar below or on Vimeo.