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Game Localization Part 2: How To Localize Your Game

Following part one of our Game Localization series, we cover the tactical steps to localizing your game.
About Localization

Game Localization Part 1: Adapting Video Games For Global Players

With more than 2.5 Billion players around the world, localization is your game's key to global success.
About Localization

Internationalization vs Localization

Localization and internationalization enable brands to reach an entirely new audience by adapting their software, website or solution to a new target audience.
About Localization

CSA Research: Re-assessing Translation Proxy Solutions

Translation proxy software has earned its place in the pantheon of useful localization technology.

InDepth Webinar: GDN

The fastest way to launch your website and web application in any language is with Smartling.
About Localization

Calculate the Value of Website Localization Services

From view counts to actual sales, here are a few methods you can use to determine the success of the localization tool you’re using.

Web App Localization Is Easier Than You Think

Translating a website is easy with Smartling’s translation management system, and translating a web application is no different.

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