The 6 SaaS Tools Your Brand Needs to Sell Globally Right Now

If you want your brand to reach across the globe, you're going to need these SaaS platforms.

Matt Grech

Matt Grech

Content Marketing ManagerSmartling

The global economy has become the bold new reality for business owners everywhere. Between borderless reach via the internet, entirely new monetary systems like cryptocurrency, cloud platforms and mobile apps, it is no surprise that new, growing and established businesses are finding as much success on the other side of the world as they are in their own neighborhoods.

Another reason that businesses everywhere—and of all sizes—thrive today is because of their desire and willingness to meet their customers' needs directly.

There is an impressive and ever-expanding selection of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platforms that help businesses reach new customers, sell in new markets, and collaborate across borders.

6 SaaS Tools Are Essential for Your Brand's Global Market Success 

In 2017, Global Trade shared its findings that 68% of global small businesses reported international growth. Business leaders everywhere are working for ways to enhance and improve this growth as competition heats up. 

If you're searching for ways to market your brand to the farthest reaches of the globe, you're going to need these SaaS platforms to help you get there.

1. Lessonly

Used by over 1,000 companies and 3 million learners, Lessonly is an efficient and affordable way to train your employees at scale.


This simple learning management software can help get your team up to speed on all the latest software, organizational and industry-specific information, safety considerations, regulatory compliance requirements, industry best practices and much more with ease, speed, reliability and convenience.

Simplify your workflows, streamline onboarding practices for new hires, and analyze data for actionable insights to optimize the process.

2. Drift

Drift helps convert website visitors more easily. It's that simple. We keep hearing that people want to buy from people, and Drift's solution is one of the easiest ways to introduce that humanity to your brand experience.


Their unique platform creates a customer buying experience that fosters the generation of more qualified leads and the dramatic acceleration of the sales cycle as the world's first and only conversational marketing software platform.

Direct conversations with not only intelligent support bots, but also real people helps to foster meaningful engagement. And of course, with some simple translation, your team can now directly support and interact with your customers across the world, literally.

3. Slack

We all know what Slack is at this point, but it’s a worthy mention for sure. Slack allows peak collaboration with your colleagues for enhanced productivity to better serve your customers. Slack has quickly become a staple for businesses all around the world, offering the best in project management, visibility and overall agility in collaboration. 


And, of course, instant communication makes it a breeze to work with your team around the world. Smartling users can even directly respond to translation issues right within a Slack channel.

Issues are a great way to simplify your revision process, enabling translators to ask questions as they're working. With the ability to respond directly in Slack, project managers can resolve any issues without having to flip back into the TMS.  

4. Zoom

Zoom has become the go-to video conferencing SaaS tool for work-from-home employees in record time in just the last few months.

Meeting with prospects is an important component of any business relationship, but it is impractical and expensive to send teams on flights across the ocean and beyond to meet with prospects. The same holds true for prospects who want to go into business with your organization.


Yet we can't deny the selling power of a human connection. Video calls close more deals. When people can see who they're going to be working with and potentially buying from, they feel a more personal connection.

Of course, amid the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic and resulting social distancing requirements, Zoom has come in for the assist for local teams staying at home to work. Employees allowed or ordered to stay home can quickly and easily engage with managers and teammates to ask important questions and collaborate face-to-face.

5. Gong

Gong offers the best in deal intelligence, which facilitates quicker pipeline inspections and the ability to prove to third parties that you are where you say you are in any business process. 

The platform offers you an insider's perspective into sales conversations, automatically recording and analyzing sales calls and meetings to improve your team's effectiveness and hear raw and unfiltered information from prospects and customers.


And the wealth of knowledge to gain is just staggering. You can dive into your sales calls to better understand what is or isn't working. Individual reps can monitor their own calls and identify areas for improvement, or even listen in on their colleague's calls to get a better sense of how the rest of the team is handling their conversations.

Managers can of course also gain a better understanding of how calls are proceeding, and how reps are positioning marketing content and their sales pitch to ensure alignment in messaging across teams.

6. Smartling

Translating and optimizing digital content for localization has become a crucial component of driving success in the global marketplace. 

Smartling understands that our modern digital world is fueled by creating and fostering connections between places, people and bold new ideas.

Business leaders grasp that they must stay daring and innovative to reach an entirely new audience, sometimes in a new language. Named the number one Translation Management System twice in recent years, Smartling is the premier translation software to facilitate a full-scale digital transformation to cross language barriers and share your brand message.

product-illustration CATtool-GIF

No matter who you're trying to connect with, whether that be businesses or individual shoppers, we help your brand create and shape your content to fit into any target market and across all platforms.

And the result is significant: Smartling reduces internal overhead for managing translation, enables companies to create and publish content in language more quickly, and provides customers with analytics to enable data-driven translation.

Translation is critical

Even when buying online, customers still want to feel that personal, human connection -- especially when they’re buying from a brand in a completely different country.

And that’s only achievable when a business is speaking their language.

When we took a look at five major eCommerce retailers, website localization and language accessibility played a direct role in driving the growth of four brands in the last five years; including 149% growth for ASOS, an entirely eCommerce based retailer.

By creating an experience that feels native to the user, your brand will foster that human connection that buyers seek. Customers should feel like the website was created with their culture, their needs and their language in mind, not just an extra afterthought.

Every aspect of your experience and strategy should be considered for localization:

  • Translate your website and mobile apps for better accessibility across the world
  • Translate your onboarding documentation and support content to assist new users and new employees around the globe
  • Leverage Slack to instantly collaborate with translators for the highest quality content
  • Utilize Drift to implement multilingual, conversational chatbots

Find the right SaaS tools to sell globally

As the business realm continues to expand beyond your city, state and country, creative minds and software developers continue to seek SaaS solutions to help support and promote your productivity and your brand, helping you stay competitive and profitable in the global market.

Set your team up for sucess with agile tech stack to not only support and drive healthy business growth, but also maintain optimal contact with your existing customers, no matter where they are in the world.