Smartling Integrates with Optimizely to Localize Digital Experiences for Any Market

Enterprise Translation Cloud leader announces new product integration with digital experience platform leader Optimizely.


NEW YORK, NY - November 23, 2020 - Smartling, the #1 rated translation management system by users on G2, today announced a new translation integration with the digital experience leader (DXP), Episerver. The Optimizely integration, which includes translation automation, localization, and visual context solutions to simplify the complexities of supporting global websites, gives marketers and website developers a turnkey solution to offer digital experiences in any language faster than ever before. Smartling’s language translation services are also available to Episerver customers via this integration.

“Episerver (Optimizely) customers have incredibly rich website properties and global consusumers,” said Andrew Saxe, VP of Product of Smartling. “The digital transformation process that companies planned to realize over the course of several years was compressed into weeks and months by the events of 2020. Smartling accelerates Optimizely customers’ ability to launch new websites and continuously publish new content and products in any language. By providing software automation surrounding the human translation process, Smartling reduces the friction that’s commonplace with complex digital marketing and ecommerce properties.”

Smartling’s first customer utilizing the integration is Benefit Cosmetics. Benefit Cosmetics is the San Francisco-based makeup brand that believes laughter is the best cosmetic. Benefit is the No. 1 brow brand worldwide and is synonymous with fun, instant beauty solutions. Founded in 1976, the beauty brand has swept the world with one-of-a-kind cult favorite products like Benetint, BADgal BANG Mascara, the POREfessional Face Primer, Hoola and Gimme Brow+. Benefit is one of the fastest growing prestige beauty brands in the business with locations in 59 countries across five continents. With more than 3,000 BrowBars and 85 boutiques worldwide, Benefit has become the brow destination for both product and service. Benefit is part of the world’s leading luxury products group, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy.

“I would not have been able to launch our sites as quickly as I did if Smartling’s Optimizely integration was not in place,” said Jeff Shih, Senior Director of Global Web for Benefit Cosmetics. “In partnership, we identified narrow and broad use cases that Optimizely customers would face when translating and localizing digital content. Smartling demonstrated a level of expertise and knowledge in localization and Optimizely content management that is unmatched— - and as a result, the integration is incredibly dependable and enabled us to launch a new website with confidence.”

Smartling’s integration with Optimizely allows customers to:

  1. Accelerate time to market: Smartling’s integration with Optimizely enables a developer-light solution for creating and maintaining a global website architecture, and simplifies the process of continuously translating content into any language.
  2. Translate with visual context: When Smartling’s professional translators are researching the customer’s brand to inform their translation decisions, they are also able to do their work with a visual context editor. The WYSIWIG interface ensures translation accuracy and eliminates mistakes that are commonplace with ecommerce translation, like brand inconsistencies or string-length errors.
  3. Control over your content: Smartling’s integration allows customers to easily identify content as translatable or placeholders, and can be programmed to implement fallbacks so that you are always in control of the end user experience.

“Every minute that a customer has to spend thinking about translation and localization is a minute they can’t spend making their entire digital experience more comprehensive and competitive in today’s market,” Saxe continued. “There are so many things to think about when managing a global website: product availability by region, formatting (dates, prices, urls), and translations that are not only accurate, but also reflective of brand and company tone—which typically requires an internal review and approvals process that ensures company’s standards are met. Smartling aims to eliminate the unnecessary points of friction between product development and support for language translation—friction that all too often leads to the delay of launching new websites and continuous development cycles.”

This announcement comes on the heels of the company’s recently released integration with Yext, the first translation plugin listed on the Yext App Directory to simplify language translation for content powered by Yext.

Smartling’s integration will be certified and listed on Optimizely’s App Marketplace for Language & Translation before the end of 2020. The integration is available today for Smartling Growth and Smartling Enterprise customers. Click here to learn more.

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