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AI Localization vs Traditional Localization - Smartling
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AI localization vs. traditional localization

AI localization has been a game-changer for brands around the world. Here’s what you need to know about it, including the top advantages of leveraging AI.
Smartling & Custom MT Integration announcement

Smartling and Custom.MT announce integration to broaden machine translation options for mutual customers

Smartling customers gain access to six additional machine translation (MT) providers via integration with Custom.MT
Top 5 Insights About LanguageAI and Its Impact on Localization - 2023 Global Ready Conference
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Top 5 Insights About LanguageAI™ and Its Impact on Localization

Smartling’s Global Ready Conference annually brings together some of the best minds in the business. Check out these top 5 tips from our 2023 conference for actions you can take now to improve your localization strategy for the year ahead.

Introducing Smartling Translate, a secure portal delivering high quality translations

Smartling’s patent pending LanguageAI™ technology leverages GPT to improve quality of translation and fluence.
Content Localization: Why It's Important and Where to Start
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Content Localization: When, Why, and How You Should Do It

Content localization is key to expanding into new markets successfully. Learn what content localization is, as well as when and how you should do it.
Smartling's Reality series - Episode 1 LanguageAI™
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Reality Series: Episode 1 - LanguageAI

With so much hype around Language AI, it’s hard to know what’s real—and what’s a waste of time. Separate myth from reality in this fireside chat with Smartling leaders.
4Q221018 - 5 Machine Translation Tools and When to Use Them - 1200x675 - 2
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5 Machine Translation Software and When to Use Them

Machine translation software has time, quality, and cost-saving benefits. This comparison of machine translation tools will help you find the best one for you.
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The Best Translation Software: Why Use Smartling in 2023?

With so many options, finding the best translation software for your needs is tough. Learn more about how the top tools compare to help you choose wisely.
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Top 5 Insights to Improve Your Localization Strategy

Check out the top 5 tips from our most recent Global Ready Conference for actions you can take now to improve your localization programs.
BP20211020 - A Hybrid Translation Approach - Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE) - 750x420@2x
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A Hybrid Translation Approach: Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)

Machine translation gives you a lightning-fast way to switch from one language to another. But it’s not perfect — that’s where post-editing comes in.
BP20210810 - The 3 Top Ways to Translate a Website (+ Pros and Cons) - 750x420 - Website@2x.jpg
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The 3 Top Ways to Translate a Website (+ Pros and Cons)

Ready to translate your website into multiple languages? You can choose from three types of translation: Machine translation, professional translators, or localization software. We’ll walk through the pros and cons of each.
BP20210728 - Email Localization - 750x420 - Website@2x
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The Best Ways to Address Email Localization Challenges

A guide to localizing email at scale and a story about a Fortune 500 company with 127 locales that improved their time to market by 250%.
DA20210721 - Global Ready Conference - On Demand - Keynote - A New Era - Jack Welde - 750x420 - Website@2x
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A New Era: Smartling+, Company Updates, and Product Announcements

Smartling’s Founder and CEO, Jack Welde, delivers insights on why global readiness matters, Smartling updates and announcements, and translation industry outlook.
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Curious About Machine Translation? Our Experts Break It Down.

Machine translation has come a long way thanks to modern AI and machine learning. Neural Machine Translation has entered a new realm of usability and quality.
2021 Recap article
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Top 3 Trends to Create a Globalized Content & Consumer Engagement Strategy

At SaaStr Enterprise event, we hosted a workshop about the top three trends deemed critical to create a globalized content and consumer engagement strategy.
Smartling in the news. Press releases. News clippings and more.
Today at Smartling

Smartling announces Smartling+, an all new way to buy a comprehensive and holistic enterprise language translation solution

Smartling’s enterprise solution combines the power of market-leading software services with robust language services to deliver outstanding customer value.
Smartling Translation Management and Professional Language Services.
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How to Hire the Best Translation Services

So you’re ready to hire a translation service. Should you go with an agency or a freelancer? How do you find the right service? We answer these questions and more so you can hire the best translation services for your needs.
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Translation Isn't Blind: We translate because...

Conventional wisdom tells us that translation expands reach; and reach drives revenue. During this episode, we cover how to reframe how you talk about translation internally through untold stories about why other businesses translate.
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Translation Isn't Blind: Your perspective matters.

Every business takes a different approach to manage translation quality. During this episode of Translation Isn't Blind, our attendees shared their translation quality success stories. We discussed the themes behind each success and learning moment.
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Will Automated Content Creation Take Over?

AI and Machine Learning has made automated contenet creation possible, but human writers and translators will always be necessary.
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Translation Will Help Keep The World Connected

By translating apps and experiences, brands enable communities and connections to grow even in a time of disruption.
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Multilingual Chatbots Are the Key to In-Language Support

Brands can provide customers with live, in-language support with self-service and conversational chabots.
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2020 Localization Industry Trends from Smartling

We expect to see a big push in Artifical Intelligence, Machine Translation and Transcreation coming sooner than we might think.
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How To Translate User-Generated Content

Translating your user-generated content is one easy way to provide that authentic experience to all consumers, regardless of their native language or location.
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Six Ways Smartling is Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Right Now

Smartling is actively leveraging Artificial Intelligence to make your translations even better.
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When to Use Machine Translation (Webinar)

With Linn Hu, Sr. Solution Architect, and Chris Wyant, Sr. Manager of Smartling Language Services
Smartling in the news. Press releases. News clippings and more.
Today at Smartling

Smartling Announces Expanded Automation Capabilities at Global Ready Conference

Translation software and services company debuts new automation features and interface, increasing translation speed and cost savings.
Gabi Moore with Smartling on Language Services
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Tearing Down Industry Norms with Gabi Moore

Thought leader and seasoned Account Manager, Gabi Moore, explains what to look for to help ease the process of translating your projects.
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A (Brief) History of Machine Translation

Learn the history of machine translation, all the way from 1949 to today!
Smartling's blog is the primary resource for thought leadership in localization.
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Are You Leveraging All Your Website Translation Options?

With serveral different translation services to choose from, is your brand leveraging all of the resources available?