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How To Translate User-Generated Content

Translating your user-generated content is one easy way to provide that authentic experience to all consumers, regardless of their native language or location.
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Six Ways Smartling is Leveraging Artificial Intelligence Right Now

Smartling is actively leveraging Artificial Intelligence to make your translations even better.
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When to Use Machine Translation (Webinar)

With Linn Hu, Sr. Solution Architect, and Chris Wyant, Sr. Manager of Smartling Language Services
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Machine Translation: The Current State of MT in 2020

Machine translation has come a long way thanks to modern AI and machine learning. Nueral Machine Translation has entered a new realm of usability and quality.
Today at Smartling

Smartling Announces Expanded Automation Capabilities at Global Ready Conference

Translation software and services company debuts new automation features and interface, increasing translation speed and cost savings.
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Tearing Down Industry Norms with Gabi Moore

Thought leader and seasoned Account Manager, Gabi Moore, explains what to look for to help ease the process of translating your projects.
Customer Success


How Dashlane reshaped its translation strategy, found a global following, and won a 4x spike in active users
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Are You Leveraging All Your Website Translation Options?

With serveral different translation services to choose from, is your brand leveraging all of the resources available?

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