Introducing Smartling Translate, a secure portal delivering high quality translations

Smartling’s patent pending LanguageAI™ technology leverages GPT to improve quality of translation and fluence.


Smartling, Inc., the enterprise translation company, today announced the introduction of Smartling Translate, a translation portal enabling instantaneous, high-quality, secure and on-brand translation into hundreds of languages using Smartling’s patent pending LanguageAI™ platform. Smartling Translate produces up to 350% higher quality and more fluent translations because it can auto-select the best performing translation engine for each translation and use GPT to further improve fluency and brand voice.

For global enterprises, with worldwide translation requirements and employees spread across time zones and departments, Smartling Translate offers a perfect complement to their localization teams to easily translate documents and text quickly, securely and at much lower cost than human translation. Unlike public translation options, all content entered into Smartling Translate is processed in a private, safe and secure environment.

Smartling Translate enables quick and easy translation by allowing users to copy and paste text or drag and drop files up to 200MB, eliminating the need to set up complex workflows or training. Powered by Smartling’s LanguageAI, Smartling Translate produces the highest quality, most relevant translation based on language pair, content type, glossary, translation memory, and optional GPT-enabled enhancements — ensuring on-brand translations for each customer’s brand voice, style, and terminology.

“Smartling Translate is a self-service translation portal that can be used by anyone in the company, and leverages their brand terminology, style guide and translation memory in a safe and secure platform to create more accurate, on-brand and fluent translations. It is the fastest and easiest way to translate virtually any file type into over 140 languages by simply dragging and dropping,” said Bryan Murphy, CEO, Smartling.

“We use Smartling Translate and find it extremely simple to use and flexible in terms of the formats. Smartling Translate saves us time and money and makes the process of generating quality translations of non-English, user-generated feedback extremely efficient.” said Olivier Chaussée, product project manager, Squarespace.

Using a combination of Smartling’s AI technology and the power of large language models, Smartling Translate achieves breakthrough improvements in translation quality. This includes implementing style guidelines, brand voice, locale-specific conventions, grammatically accurate terminology handling and the proper use of linguistic gender preferences in translations.

The features of Smartling Translate include:

  • Machine translation autoselection — Smartling Translate’s AI algorithms select the most appropriate machine translation engine among multiple options for the user’s specific use case based on content type and into which languages they’re translating.
  • Customized translations — Customers can use existing assets such as a glossary and translation memory to customize their machine translation.
  • Zero configuration — Users can get started immediately without needing to set up projects or workflows in the platform or be trained in using the software.
  • Instant translations — Smartling Translate produces high-quality machine translations of plain text and files in seconds.
  • Data security — Smartling Translate processes translations in a private, safe, and secure environment.
  • On-brand quality and consistency — Users can automatically apply brand voice, terminology, style preferences and previously human-translated content.

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