Translation Isn't Blind: Help me convince my manager

“Translation” lives in different places from one company to the next. During our final episode of the series, learn how to reveal to your manager how and why translation adds value to the business - how translation isn’t blind.


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Translation teams report into different business departments from one company to the next, but ultimately translation teams provide a unique competitive advantage across the board when a TMS is effectively put into place.

During our final episode of our Translation Isn’t Blind series, we’ve outlined tips on how to make the case for obtaining the right budget and buy-in for translation from your manager, colleagues and even the C-Suite. Language translation adds value to your business, and this episode will help you understand the different ways of positioning your value. If you’d like to catch up with Kate and Adrian, the pilot and all previous episodes are available right here.

Shortcuts if you’re tight on time:
[4:03] Fitz says hi :)
[5:18] Overview of this episode
[10:56] Expanding globally- jump in with Adrian
[14:47] Kate on the virtues of international business
[17:30] How to create (and win) your case
[28:04] Scale of translation projects and an example
[32:24] What a TMS will allow your business to do in new markets
[40:36] Soft and hard targets to assess the success of translation services and localization efforts
[46:28] How to expand growth in localization and translation teams
[48:17] How Smartling metrics can push your successes further
[55:20] Alignment with your colleagues, management, and decision-makers
[58:22] The most insightful part of Translation Isn’t Blind series according to Kate

There are a few common goals and priorities you can integrate when making the case for localization. Depending on the nature of your business, you can approach your manager about making financial room for translation services by choosing one or more of the following thought processes:

  1. “I want to expand globally.”
  2. “I want to invest in / keep a translation management system.”
  3. “I want to add locales and / or expand translation coverage.”
  4. “I want to create and / or expand a localization team.”

After you’ve laid out your foundation, incorporate these Smartling-approved tips.

Tip 1: “Adapt or die” Spotlight the massive digital transformation that is defining 2020 and parlay it into your business planning. This can help add weight to your proposal. Prepare stats and facts to support your theories; below are some examples and resources for you.

Timely stats to pull into your pitch on digital transformation:

Tip 2: “Promote the Tangible Virtues” Play up the virtues of international business. Yes, it is possible to both increase your revenue streams while simultaneously helping customers reap the benefits of your services. Convey this to your managers and colleagues by sharing a few examples of the undeniable potential of localizing your services or products. Help them envision the possibility of expansion and success.

Virtues of international business to pack into your presentation:

  • Increase new customers / addressable market.
  • Expand internationally.
  • De-risk business and diversify.
  • Gain a competitive advantage.
  • Maximize your company’s ability for peak performance.

Tip 3: “Paint a Picture” People imagine outcomes differently, so paint a clear picture of what a successful outcome could look like. Prepare all facets of a complete vision including, but not limited to, knowing the details of your company’s policies and agreements and researching your competition.

Create Your Case:

  • Research buyers, preferences, applicability, and market forces within your industry.
  • Model the market opportunity by sharing projections.
  • Understand policies, trade agreements, legality, delivery of services, currency.
  • Read MD&A sections for guidance (publically available).
  • Write a business plan and test hypothesis.
  • Invest in technical infrastructure.
  • Set measurable goals.

Tip 4: “Bring Your Secret Weapon” It can be stressful to try to make the case for support and funding of your localization ambitions. Bring in a language translation specialist and let them help ease the anxiety and back up your pitch by providing in-depth industry success stories that they have personally helped facilitate.

One of my favorite sayings in business is that, “Everything is storytelling.” Not that what you’re saying isn’t factual, but there is a certain talent, or je ne sais quoi if you’re fancy, to expressing yourself when pitching or having serious conversations. Let a professional from Smartling help to relieve the burden and see how they can articulate your endeavors to the table.

And there you have it. You can find additional resources below and on our site. If you would like to set up an informational meeting to see how we can help your localization and translation dreams come true, set up a chat with us today!

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Translation Isn't Blind

We're bringing translation into focus during our mini webinar series, Translation Isn't Blind. “Translation” lives in different places from one company to the next. During our final episode of the series, learn how to reveal to your manager how and why translation adds value to the business - how translation isn’t blind.

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