Our north star

Smartling’s manifesto is a clear-eyed, honest declaration of purpose.

Talk is cheap

Words have meaning.

Words are verbs, nouns, and pronouns.
They are feminine and masculine.

Words can hold truths that become self-evident.
Words are huddled masses yearning to breathe free.
Words give us the power to change, to overcome, to dream, to give hope to a man, and to make a giant leap for mankind.

You can condemn them, defend them, censor them, but you can never underestimate the power of words. So, choose them wisely.

Translation is a purpose and a privilege. Translation is about the truth—making sense of place, culture, history, and the sum total of the human condition.

We see language as a bridge, not a barrier.
We value context over content.
We aren’t always right, but we strive to get it right.
We believe translation is the search for meaning, but believe strongly that it is also a plea to be heard.

We find words in all great things.
We see what’s truly possible in words.

Talk is cheap. So, let us be rich in meaning.

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