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Translation Isn't Blind: How to Launch New Languages

During this episode, Jessica Birenz from Yext reveals the key ingredients to her team's success as they localized marketing and product materials to scale their business globally.

How to launch new languages

Translation Isn't Blind: How to Launch New Languages from Smartling on Vimeo.

Translation Isn't Blind

During this webinar, Jessica Birenz will reveal the key ingredients to her team's success as they localized marketing and product materials to scale their business globally.

Yext is on a mission to put more truth online. They do that by helping businesses around the world deliver official answers to customer questions across the entire search ecosystem — starting with a brand’s website, then extending across search engines, voice assistants, maps, and more than 175 global platforms.

As Yext continues to break into new international markets, localizing marketing and product materials are critical to scaling the business globally. As the Director of Planning & Project Management, Jessica Birenz knows this importance firsthand, as her team is responsible for ensuring this happens quickly, but with precision.

In this episode of Translation Isn't Blind, Jessica will reveal the key ingredients to her team's success.

  • The biggest mistakes to avoid when launching a new language and throughout the translation process.
  • Why providing 'context' is the secret sauce to getting the most out of your translation efforts.
  • The many challenges of translation and how to build a system that helps you be more effective.
  • How Jessica and Yext decide which content needs to be translated.
  • Jessica's honest thoughts on working with Smartling, things we can improve, and some of our best features.
  • The changes made Yext after getting off to a slow start when launching in Japan.
  • How to get your entire team involved in the translation process.
  • Why having a "style guide" can supercharge your translation results.
  • The ingredients of successful brand positioning in a new language.

And much more.

What to listen for:
[3:03] How Yext is working to transform the way businesses use search for their website.
[7:31] What Jessica and her team looked for when expanding content and product globally.
[9:35] Why translation is a partnership and how to decide what content should be translated.
[11:25] How Yext and Smartling work together with pre-built integrations for optimizing the translation process.
[13:21] How Yext was able to scale 15x in six years.
[19:15] Why Yext decided to put the 'brakes on" when launching in Japan and how they adjusted.
[25:32] The importance of a "team effort" when it comes to translating and launching a new language.
[28:04] Why you should create a style guide.
[34:15] What Smartling translators can help you with.
[38:34] How Smartling helped Yext improve their translation process and reduce effective cost per word by 25%.
[43:40] Why Jessica views Smartling as a partner of Yext, and her honest feedback working with us.
[47:05] Final thoughts and Q&A

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