Save Time and Money With Smartling's Translation Workflow Reports

Learn how to effectively leverage Smartling's most powerful metrics: Content Velocity and Content Change reports.


The two most powerful reports in the Smartling platform are:

When you put the two together, you will be able to develop insights to improve your process. Some of our most common findings:

  1. Internal reviewers are hardly making any changes to content, despite the amount of time projects sit in their hands.
  2. Your editor is making a lot of corrections, which may indicate that your translator isn’t trained or properly equipped to create high-quality translations.
  3. Both your editor and reviewer are spending a huge amount of time to complete their work, which prompts you to open dialogue with translators who reveal there’s no visual context, or the style guide never was made.

That’s why these reports exist, and here’s how you can use them. Remember, the data has to be analyzed and that’s a big part of this process.

1. To access the reports, go to Reports.

2. From the drop-down menu, select Content Changes by Workflow or Content Changes by Locale.

3. Expand Filters and select them - make sure to filter by the same workflows and date ranges across each report, to use the reports in tandem:

  • Authorization Date: Date in which content is authorized to move to the first step in the workflow. (We filter on this because occasionally, content can pass through workflows more than once.)
  • Project: The name of the project for which you’d like data.
  • Workflow: The name of the workflow step for which you’d like data.
  • Target Locale: The translated language for which you’d like data.
  • Include Weekends (yes/no)?: Whether or not to include Saturday and/or Sunday in the data.

4. Click Run.

5. Each color represents a different workflow step. Hover over each colored bar to see more info.

Consult your Customer Success and Account Manager to interpret your data!

About Jennifer

Jennifer Chew is the Product Marketing Manager at Smartling, responsible for overseeing go-to-market for Smartling's new products and features, and creates content to educate customers and buyers on benefits and best practices of using Smartling Translation Cloud. Jennifer has been a part of the Smartling team for over two years, previously contributing as the Marketing Manager, and collectively has over five years of B2B and B2C marketing experience.