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The Biggest Challenges of Localization and How To Overcome Them

Wrangle some of the biggest challenges in localization with proper communication, planning and research.
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Traveling the World with Smartling: My Experience Working on Move the World with Words

Laura had the chance to help bring twelve translator's stories to life while editing Move the World with Words.
About Localization

10 Questions To Ask Your Language Service Provider For a Successful Partnership

Language Service Providers should act as your brand's ambassador to translators, powering amazing connections with localized content crafted by creative professional translators.

Save Time and Money With Smartling's Translation Workflow Reports

Learn how to effectively leverage Smartling's most powerful metrics: Content Velocity and Content Change reports.
About Localization

Six Best Practices for Communicating and Collaborating with Translators

Actively collaborating with translators will set your localization projects up for success from the start.

Smartling's Guide to Creating an RFP

Indetify the elements of a solution most important to your business to determine the best option.