Traveling the World with Smartling: My Experience Working on Move the World with Words

Laura had the chance to help bring twelve translator's stories to life while editing Move the World with Words.


I have always been a traveler at heart despite not coming from a very adventurous family.

Before I could travel the world on my own, I got my fix through books. From time travel to various countries and worlds, I escaped my mundane suburban childhood by picking up books.

Now that I’m a middle-aged woman and have traveled a great deal, I still have a very sweet spot in my heart for words, writers, and stories of all kinds.

But when I was asked to help edit Move the World with Words, I was unsure.

At the time I didn’t know the intricacies of the Smartling platform and its offerings. I worried if I would catch on to the technicalities quickly enough.

But, as I learned more about the goal behind the publication -- to humanize the translators who make the magic of translation come to life -- I got excited. I knew I could do that!


My commitment and interest about the project blossomed when I began the editing process.

I went through the various profiles of the incredible international translators. I was able to tighten their stories, take the written cues from the profile and shape the story in a cohesive, true way to further tell their story.


At the same time, I was able to journey to Spain, France, Germany, Turkey, and beyond. Truly the best of all worlds: writing, travel, human connection.


Getting to know the (typically) invisible individuals profiled in the book added so much depth to my understanding of Smartling as a company.

The fact that there was even interest in putting the book together proved to me that Smartling was a different kind of translation platform because it honors all the moving parts necessary to provide success for their clients.

By spotlighting these fascinating people from all over the world, Smartling is demonstrating their team is made up of the best of the best, near and far.


Many people are struck by the gorgeous photography from Move the World With Words, and I was no exception. While the images had not yet been married to the text, I had the opportunity to get a sneak peak on Smartling’s translation website, to get a vibe about who they are in addition to reading and massaging their words.


Learning each of their remote working routines inspired me, a freelance writer, to look at my own schedule and factor my chunks of time differently.

After seeing how productive and insightful everyone is, I reflected to ensure my daily rituals serve me, my clients, and my family.

Just like you and me, translators are humans with families, animals, and musical preferences. Just like everyone else. But, they each bring a special brand of dedication and expertise that endears the reader, leaving them wanting to know more.


If you didn’t have the chance to attend our Translation Summit and Book Launch, you’re still in luck! You can grab your own copy of Move the World With Words right on Amazon.

About Laura

Laura Wyant is a freelance digital strategist and writer/editor. She is currently working with start-ups, tech companies, and health and healing spaces. Laura has been contributing to the Smartling blog on topics around cloud translation, digital strategy, and overall creative translation process. When she isn’t working in media, she is working to educate herself on matters such as intersectional women’s health and advancements in technology.