Going global at enterprise scale: Translating 20 million words a year


This multi-billion dollar enterprise software company has found success delivering innovative technology to hundreds of thousands of users around the world. Its robust translation program produces over 20 million words annually, allowing users to interact with its products easily in their native language. The enterprise translates dozens of content types for its website, marketing materials, product content, and more.


Before switching to Smartling, the enterprise relied exclusively on traditional human translation services to complete its translation projects. However, like many other companies, its localization team was looking for ways to optimize their spending and deliver more translated content from their existing budget. Despite this need, they wanted to maintain human-level quality even as they explored new possibilities.


The enterprise conducted a trial of Smartling’s AI-Powered Human Translation (AIHT) and was extremely impressed with the results. After the trial, the enterprise began running more than half of its content through this new solution, retaining its traditional human translation workflow for the remainder.

In the first six months, the enterprise saved more than $2.5 million in translation costs with AIHT. In addition, content delivered through AIHT got to market 50% faster while retaining an incredible average MQM quality score of 99+. The enterprise continues to view AIHT as an integral part of their translation mix and is exploring ways to expand it into other use cases and business units.