Smartling and Custom.MT announce integration to broaden machine translation options for mutual customers

Smartling customers gain access to six additional machine translation (MT) providers via integration with Custom.MT


Smartling, the enterprise AI-powered translation company, and Custom.MT, a machine translation platform, today announced a technology integration partnership to allow joint customers to broaden their access to high-quality MT engines and further improve the quality of their translations.

Through the integration of Custom.MT's console, Smartling customers gain access to additional machine translation providers, including:

  • PangeaMT — Specialists in data anonymization
  • ModernMT — Adaptive versatile machine translation
  • Tencent — One of the prominent MT providers in Asia
  • TextShuttle — MT provider that supports Swiss dialects
  • Globalese — Easily customizable, on-premises MT framework
  • XL8 — Specialists in subtitle models for films and TV series
  • Meta NLLB200 - Covers more than 200 languages
  • Future Custom.MT partners

With this partnership, Smartling customers now can also use the TAUS DeMT Quality Estimation API through the integration for quality assessment functionality. Customers who use both Smartling and Custom.MT’s machine translation gain additional capabilities for enhanced tag, placeholder and whitespace handling. In addition, machine translation engines looking to connect to Smartling can use Custom.MT as a fast integration option.

“Custom.MT’s integration with Smartling takes Custom.MT to a new level and gives our customers access to a world-class translation management system (TMS) as well Smartling’s LanguageAI-powered language services,” said Konstantin Dranch, founder of Custom.MT.

“Our integration with Custom.MT gives Smartling customers access to additional machine translation engines and language coverage,” said Bryan Murphy, CEO of Smartling. “The integration supports our mission of offering the most comprehensive, cost-effective and highest quality translation available.”

To learn more about the partnership, book a meeting with Smartling.