Smartling Announces Integration with Adobe Experience Manager as A Cloud Service

As Adobe Accelerates Digital Transformation with New Cloud Offering, Smartling’s Integration Enables Mutual Customers with Unparalleled Translation Services


NEW YORK, NY - December 16, 2020 - Smartling, the #1 rated enterprise translation management system, today announced an all new integration with Adobe Experience Manager As A Cloud Service. The integration enables mutual customers to leverage Smartling’s powerful translation management system, visual context translation interface, and language translation solutions.

This new integration represents Smartling’s ongoing commitment to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) customers since 2012. The company is an Innovate-level partner with Adobe as part of the Adobe Exchange Program. Smartling’s full suite of integrations with AEM and other Adobe products includes:

“Adobe Experience Manager is the platform of choice for some of the world’s largest brands with the most complex digital experience requirements,” said Andrew Saxe, VP of Product at Smartling. “We invest a lot of time in developing our Adobe products and maintaining support for the content management systems of today and tomorrow. AEM Cloud is the future, and we’re incredibly excited for our customers to leverage the Smartling integration to manage global websites with the simplicity of our cloud-based translation management system and services.”

Today, a single Tweet or product announcement can cause a brand’s website traffic to boom without notice, so it is essential to have agility and scalability in content deployment and delivery 365 days a year. Adobe developed AEM as a Cloud Service to future-proof its renowned content management system. It’s built on a dynamic architecture that automatically scales, thereby removing infrastructure considerations that have limited a company’s growth in the years and decades past. And because this next generation product is built on top of the investments and innovations Adobe previously brought to the market, the experience is familiar and supports a wide variety of use cases and functionality.

Smartling’s integration with AEM as a Cloud Service enables mutual customers to also take advantage of Smartling’s full suite of language services. Brands investing in AEM products have digital experiences that leverage words to convey a message and Smartling’s translation services is a compliment to the software offering that makes “one stop” shopping for translation a reality.

“The content that powers today’s digital experiences is incredibly exciting,” said Gavin Grimes, Vice President of Language Services at Smartling. “We’re seeing snappy headlines, body content to explain uncharted product segments and tons of user generated content like reviews, not to mention all the nuanced words used to power digital shopping carts and checkout flows. Managing the quality of translation and balancing its cost is a nuance that Smartling has addressed with an innovative service delivery model that puts our customers first.”

This announcement comes on the heels of Smartling’s announcement of its new integrations with Yext, Episerver, Drupal 9, an updated integration with Zendesk, and the company’s own Transcreation Tool.

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Smartling Media Contact Adrian K. Cohn Head of Marketing

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Smartling Media Contact
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