Adobe Experience Manager Translation Integration

The most customizable CMS meets the most agile TMS. Smartling’s Adobe Experience Manager translation integration enables the most personalized, complex websites to be translated and localized into any language.

Global Delivery Network

Now Supporting AEM as a Cloud Service

As Adobe accelerates digital transformation with their new Adobe Experience Manager cloud offering, Smartling’s integration enables you to access unparalleled translation management tools and services

Smartling integrates with your existing AEM instance and supporting content infrastructure, enabling you to easily manage language translation at scale. There are multiple integration types that simplify this process for AEM customers, including:

These integration possibilities connect your Adobe experience to the most powerful Cloud Translation Management System on the market. It’s the simplest place to configure automation rules, establish workflow preferences, maintain brand assets, and access translators selected to match the domain of your business. Simply put, it makes managing multilingual AEM instances a breeze.

Adobe Experience Manager integration
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Centrally Power Global Experiences

Smartling integrates with your Adobe Experience Manager instance and workflow so that you don’t have to leave a familiar platform to deploy content in any language. Files in AEM, pages, DAM, and tags are all seamlessly translated without the need to copy and paste content from the CMS into a spreadsheet and then circulated by email for translation. Smartling automates the entire process surrounding AEM translation, and makes it possible to integrate author and production environments to support agile translation.

Robust translation backbone

Smartling’s Translation Management System gives you full visibility and scalability into translation projects. You can easily manage tasks and assignments within the cloud-based platform. Smartling’s world-class translation services are the perfect match to your content requirements, supporting any language you require and hand-picked based on your business domain. What’s more? They work within a visual context interface to deliver high quality results.

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Tried and True, Even in the Think Tank

Smartling co-authored the Adobe Experience Manager localization framework years ago, and continues its commitment to providing a secure cloud-based framework as an Adobe Exchange Business Partner. Smartling’s CEO even spoke to the vision for global consumer experiences in Adobe’s Think Tank at their 2017 conference.

Case Studies

5,600+ Hotel Websites

IHG continuously translates its digital properties using Smartling's website proxy, Adobe Experience Manager integration, and code repo connector.

IGH Website

Laying trackwork for a new translation process

Eurail launched translations on their new Adobe Experience Manager website with Smartling's integration, language services, and professional services.


IHG powers 5,600 hotel websites with Smartling.

Five reasons why Adobe customers love Smartling:

Onboard in 30 days or less. We make your success our priority.
Context matters. Statistically improve translation quality with a WYSIWYG editor for linguists and reviewers.
Data-driven localization. We surface data and insights, so you can drive down cost and increase efficiency.
The best translators. Professionals who are vetted, certified and centrally managed so you don’t have to.
Managed Services. An extension to your team, so your team can focus on personalizing the end user experience.

The Most Advanced CMS Meets the Most Advanced TMS

Join the ranks of Smartling’s world-class customers today and discover how Smartling’s AEM translation integration can scale your digital experience into any language.