Smartling For Contentful

Manage content and experiences in any language easily with our Smartling connector for Contentful.


Contentful lets you create, manage, and publish content everywhere. We love it so much we just built our own website on Contentful!

Contentful Makes Managing Content Easy

Finding an easy and scalable solution to enable localization for everything you create becomes really important when optimizing your marketing and product content for users worldwide.

New and existing Contentful customers have become increasingly interested in a seamless way of translating both content and media asset types with excellence, and without significant developer overhead.

Smartling for Contentful gives you the ability to do just that. The integration can be set up extremely fast. You will be able to easily request and manage translations within Smartling’s dashboard, which enables unparalleled visibility and control into the localization process.

Style guides? Check. Glossary? Check. Automated workflows and in-context translation? Check and check!

Smartling for Contentful Workflows

Contentful content that is translated in Smartling is automatically sent back to Contentful.


You will never have to push or pull content manually again!

Pepare For Today To Be Ready For Tomorrow With Contentful

Minor configuration updates in Contentful today can increase the velocity of your onboarding process. It starts with enabling languages for translation and flagging content that will be sent to Smartling for translation. To enable/ flag localization fields in Contentful:

  1. Log in to your Contentful account.
  2. Select the Content Model menu.
  3. Click the content type.
  4. Click the Settings link for each content type you wish to enable.
  5. Click Enable localization of this field then click Save.

Voilà! Now you can break the translation bottleneck and seamlessly submit content for translation from Contentful