Global Expansion Series: How To Translate Your Website or Application With a Modern TMS

💪 Set your brand up for global domination!


So, your brand is expanding globally 🌎 and you also know a solution to centralize and simplify your translation process is 🔑. But, not sure where to start? 🤔

Rest assured! Smartling’s ‘101 Guide To Leveraging a Modern TMS to Translate Your Website or Application’ breaks down the four simple steps involved. Get your free guide and breathe easy! 😎✌️

What’s inside:

  • The Way of The Dinosaur: Translation and Localization In The Past. 🦖
  • 4 Simple steps to translating your website or app.
  • The opportunity cost of investing in a quality Translation Management System.
  • How to empower translators to deliver on brand.

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Part 1 - The Global Expansion Series: Why Your Brand Should Strive To Reach New Audiences.

Part 2 - The Global Expansion Series: Your 101 Guide to Translation and Localization Software