Global Expansion Series: Why Your Brand Should Strive To Reach New Audiences

Arm your brand with key market data and analysis on the global commerce landscape.


We are living in a connected, global economy, and everybody wants a piece of that delicious pie 🥧. But what does that mean for you and your brand?

Enter Smartling’s new Global Expansion Series. With key market data and analysis on the global commerce landscape you might just unlock something groundbreaking for your global strategy.

If ☝️ is not enough of a reason to do so, here’s why you absolutely must get your hands on this report:

  • Want to know the 10 largest ecommerce markets by the numbers? The report covers that.
  • Arm yourself with all the key stats and projections on the growing global commerce landscape
  • Bridge that gap with localization and set your brand up for market success 📊
  • Build the case for offering a personal connection to your customers
  • Learn from the best: How IHG delivered the personal touch across 5,600 hotels in 16 languages