Global Expansion Series: Your 101 Guide to Translation and Localization Software

Translation is your 🔑 to unlocking new audiences.


Expanding globally 🌍 is the next stop for your brand, and the only way to unlock this audience is to have the right 🔑.

Smartling is the key to professionally translating your content so consumers can understand what you are selling them, and how to use it. Download Smartling’s “101 Guide to Translation and Localization Software” to connect with people and places; to move the world with words.

With this free resource, you can instantly:

  • Identify eight features to seek out (and the right questions to ask) when purchasing localization software
  • Reduce project management efforts, decrease time to market while saving on translation costs. 🕒
  • Learn how Wilson Sporting Goods Co. created a translation process from scratch for their ecommerce website across 100 countries. 🏀
  • Find the right solution to your tech stack. 🧐

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Part 1 - The Global Expansion Series: Why Your Brand Should Strive To Reach New Audiences.