Butterfly Network: Achieving double digital growth with translation


Butterfly Network is a first-of-its-kind point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) company that has redefined ultrasound technology. The company produced the first and only handheld ultrasound system built on a semiconductor chip that plugs into a mobile device - all for the cost of $2,000. Butterfly Network has been able to deliver a revolutionary experience to people in need while realizing its mission of democratizing medical imaging.


When Butterfly Network first decided to expand into the worldwide market, they used a highly recommended and well-known translation company to translate documents and guides. Butterfly Network sent the translated documents to the countries and regions where they would be used to validate that they were sharing quality content with their users. The translations did not pass quality tests, and their users said the documents didn’t make sense.

Because Butterfly Network’s product has the potential to save lives it must meet rigorous requirements. Their customers must have access to documentation, information, and a product interface that is in their native language. With only six weeks until the launch date, Butterfly Network turned to Smartling for help.


Partnering with Smartling’s Customer Success and Solution Architecture teams, Butterfly Network was able to seamlessly integrate with Smartling’s API connections to automatically send and receive translated words efficiently. They also benefited from integrated glossaries, style guides, visual context, and consolidated dashboards.

In the first 10 days of using Smartling’s platform, 70,000 words were translated. This enabled Butterfly Network to successfully expand its product into 13 markets in six months. Because Smartling was able to meet every one of these tight deadlines, Butterfly Network was able to commit to rolling out their product to these international markets as promised.