How-to: Navigate change and maintain continuity in your localization strategy

How-to series: Episode 1 – Insights on delivering seamless customer experiences from Dyspatch and Smartling.


Times are turbulent. With layoffs, mergers, acquisitions, and re-orgs happening everywhere we look we can’t help but wonder – how is everyone (and everything) staying on track?

The first episode of our "How-to series" addresses how to navigate change and maintain continuity in your localization strategy. Despite today’s challenges, one thing likely remains a top priority – delivering an easy and seamless experience to your customers. In this discussion, we look at how to navigate change, adapt and maintain strategy continuity, and ways to start implementing these best practices. These insights will help build a resilient localization strategy, allowing you to serve your customers without interruption.

This episode covers questions like:

  • Where do we begin localizing our emails?
  • How can we foster better collaboration between teams to ensure localization continuity across departments?
  • How do we adapt to changing/disappearing budgets – especially when we don’t know who owns the budget?

This session is co-hosted by Dyspatch.