About Localization

Webinar: 10 Content Marketing Growth Hacks

Ready to growth hack your content marketing? In this webinar, Annette Obermeier, Smartling’s VP of Marketing joined Smart Insights to discuss her curated tips and tricks to get the most out of your content in 2020.

Webinar: The Issues With Issues...and how to manage them!

Learn how to effectively manage your issues within Smartling's platform and communication and asset management best practices.
About Localization

Webinar: Marie Kondo Your Localization Strategy

Learn the best practices and benefits of a centralized translation and localization strategy.
About Localization

Video Localization: The What, Why and How

Offering your video content in new languages means a wider audience to capture and engage.
About Localization

Webinar: Global Campaigns, Local Relevance

Learn best practices from SiriusDecisions and Smartling for how you can better integrate regional/local input into your centralized content planning process.
About Localization

Webinar: From Zero to Localization Hero

Learn how SumUp changed their content management approach by collaborating with Smartling and Contentful to help scale their global content.
About Localization

The Ugly Truth About Localization (and 3 tips that will make you successful)

Join the conversation and learn from the experts: Globalization Veteran Patricia Sainz at SAS, and Ani Obermeier, VP of Marketing at Smartling, share the SAS journey as well as their favorite lessons and tips so you can avoid those common traps.

Smartling Draft Launch (Webinar)

With Andrew Saxe, VP of Product, and Jeremy Shankle, Principal Engineer

InDepth Webinar: Translation Memory Management

Smartling enables you to easily manage translation memories.

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