Hitting the Books: Smartling’s Story-based Marketing

Smartling sat down with Renegade Thinkers Unite to discuss Move the World with Words.


Jack Welde, Founder & CEO, along with Adrian Cohn, director of Brand Strategy and Communication, had the chance to sit down with Renegade Thinkers Unite to discuss our latest campaign, Move the World with Words.

Smartling’s core values highlight humanity and personality, with considerable success in taking those values to heart when marketing.

Smartling has created a solution that empowers both brands to take their story global, and the translators that help these brands engage their audience with a captivating experience, no matter the language. In a world of marketing personalization, translation is the most basic form of marketing.

That's exactly why Smartling wrote Move the World with Words, a physical, printed book to illuminate the human side of global commerce.

Smartling wanted to celebrate the translators, the people, that breathe life into content. The book is about the people who create content that connects people and places - moving the world with words.

Tune into the podcast to the podcast above to learn more about the campaign, and how Smartling is enabling both translators and buyers form deeper connections, while highlighting the balance between art and science in translation.

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