Five Reasons You Should Attend The Global Ready Translation Summit

Come celebrate the translators that help fuel global commerce at our one-day conference and book launch.


We all share the same urge to connect and be heard. It is this desire that makes us human. An urgency to be understood. To have a voice. And this human connection is what defines Smartling. We are not a suite of products, but rather a sum of our people, places, and pursuits. Every day we employ and empower translators all around the globe to transform the content that connects us all.

That is exactly why we are hosting our Global Ready Translation Summit, a free one-day conference focused on improving translation outcomes and celebrating translators.

Oh, and we're launching our first ever book, too. Still not sold? Here are the five reasons why you should absolutely attend the Global Ready Translation Summit.

1. Meet The Translators

Chances are you've never had the chance to meet a translator in person. Whether that's because you don't live in the same region, your brand doesn't even have access to collaborate with translators, or you just haven't translated any content before, we're going to change that.

For the first time, this year we're inviting our translators to both the Global Ready New York and London events. Attendees have the chance to actually meet the people who move the world with words, and power global commerce.

2. Measurably Improve Linguistic Assets

Just by attending our Global Ready Translation summit, your brand will walk away with improved linguistic assets to supercharge your translation. Chances are most brands haven't taken a look, or updated their Glossaries, Style Guides, or Translation Memory.

These critical elements can both improve the quality of translation, while reducing the cost and time spent on each project, yet are often forgotten. To help your brand take full advantage of these assets Smartling experts will provide detailed recommendations on the spot to further improve and optimize these resources.

3. Understand The Cost of Translation

During our Global Ready Translation Summit, Smartling will be unveiling our brand new Cost Calculator.

To provide some transparency and enable users to better prove the value of translation, our calculator will enable you to determine the direct cost of translation and any associated fees that might otherwise go unnoticed.

4. Receive Your Copy of Our New Book

Each attendee will have a chance to get their hands on our brand new, beautifully printed book, Move The World with Words. For free. Get even closer to your translators, and take a look behind the scenes of translation.

Deepen your connection with these talented individuals as we tell the amazing stories Smartling's translators located around the world, from Spain to Germany, and New York to Japan.

5. $2000 Linguist Asset Management Credit

In addition to improving your linguistic assets right there on-site, each attendee will walk away with a $2000 credit for one of Smartling's most valuable professional services, Linguistic Asset Management.

Our experts will help your brand to continuously maintain, manage and optimize your translation memory, glossaries, and style guides, to make the most of these assets both now and in the future.

Help Us Move The World With Words

Our Translation Summit is approaching quickly, and we're so excited to share the amazing stories of our translators with you. Whether you're in New York or London, be sure to join us for a day all about our rockstar translators.

In fact, we want to see how you move the world with words -- tag us on social with #MoveTheWorldWithWords, and enter to win a free copy of the book and T-Shirt!

About Adrian

Adrian Cohn is the Director of Brand Strategy and Communications at Smartling, responsible for overseeing the brand’s content, product marketing, digital strategy and public relations. Adrian launched Smartling’s latest Move the World with Words campaign, highlighting the human element of translation. During his time at Smartling, Adrian has been the keynote speaker on an international scale, hosts Smartling’s Fireside Chat podcast, and previously served as a Senior Success Manager working with Smartling’s global customer base.