Move the World with Words

We’re on a mission to humanize translation. Will you join us?

If commerce is driven by words, global commerce is fueled by translation.

In 2009, Smartling set out to build a technology platform and language services offering. We did this because we predicted the consumer experience would be so heavily dependent on digital channels that having the means to scale your product experience into many languages would eventually become a bare-minimum requirement. Since Smartling’s founding, the number of internet users globally has increased from two billion to four billion people. More than $1.7 trillion was spent online across the fashion, electronics, travel, and gaming sectors alone in 2018.

We wrote Move the World with Words to illuminate the human side of global commerce that defines Smartling’s connection with the world: translators. We are not a suite of products or a nexus of technology. Rather, we are the sum of our people, places and pursuits. This is what defines us and sets us apart. Every day, in places all over the world, we employ and empower translators to bring home meaning - to breathe life into content. This book is about the people who create content that connects people and places - moving the world with words.

While we celebrate translators, we also want to acknowledge the entire community of professionals who also move the world with words. Developers who write code and build product experiences move the world with words. Localization managers who carefully strategize how best to engage consumers in worldwide markets move the world with words. Anybody who touches the global end-user experience moves the world with words.

Let's bring home meaning, and work together to #movetheworldwithwords.


Praise for the Book

"We often focus on technology in the localization industry. Translators are the true rockstars, and belong in the spotlight as they are in Move the World with Words." Jon Ferm, Localization Program Manager, Pinterest

"While there is no doubt that the profession is changing, there is little doubt that translators are far from extinct and invisible. This book beautifully shines a light on the talented linguists who make a significant contribution to the global economy from their keyboards and fascinating workplaces around the planet." Judy Jenner, Twin Translations

"An incredibly beautiful and vital reminder that, even in an increasingly automated industry, translators are still very much at the heart of successful localisation. Kudos to Smartling for taking the lead in raising the profile of the professional human translator." Anja Jones, AJT

"Before beginning a translation project, read this book! You’ll learn that there’s a translation company that truly seeks excellence and cares about your global business. You’ll learn about translators: their thoughts, experience and passion for language. Translators have been the hidden heroes that bring your business to life for worldwide customers - until now with Smartling’s publication Move the World with Words." Ruben McCoy, Marketing Strategist

"The lyrical pictures and wonderful stories bring to life the many reasons why translators do the work they do – and just how important it is to the world. Smartling has highlighted the lives and motivations of translators - helping us to focus on the human side of the work we do. We are inspired by Move the World with Words and grateful for Smartling's support of Translators without Borders as we Change the World with Words!" Aimee Ansari, Executive Director, Translators without Borders

How Passion and Perspective Bring Language to Life

An interview with Oana, a freelance translator who lives in a small town near Toulouse, France.

An interview with Oana


Let's bring home meaning and work together to move the world with words.