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Move the World with Words

We’re on a mission to humanize translation. Will you join us?

If commerce is driven by words, global commerce is fueled by translation.

In 2009, Smartling set out to build a technology platform and language services offering. We did this because it was evident to everyone that digital channels would explode. Since the company's founding, the number of global internet users has increased from two billion to four billion. More than $1.7 trillion were spent online across fashion, electronics, travel and gaming sectors alone in 2019.

Left to right, right to left. Buttons, shopping carts and romance copy. Websites, emails and apps. The digital experiences we depend on is the result of individuals working in teams to carefully design, code and write content.

We wrote Move the World with Words to put a spotlight on the human element of global commerce that is Smartling's connection with the world: translators.

It is our urge to connect that makes us human. An urgency to be understood. To have a voice.

This human connection defines Smartling. We are not a suite of products or a nexus of technology. Rather, we are a sum of our people, places and pursuits. It's what defines us and sets us apart from everyone else. An understanding and appreciation of the human connection. The bond we share over meaning. The power of words to bring us all together on the same page.

Every day, in places all over the world, we employ and empower translators to bring home meaning, and breathe life into content. Content that connects people and places moving the world with words.

Translators move the world with words. Developers move the world with words. Localization managers move the world with words. Anybody who touches the global end-user experience moves the world with words.

Let's bring home meaning, and work together to #movetheworldwithwords.

How Passion and Perspective Bring Language to Life

An interview with Oana, a freelance translator who lives in a small town near Toulouse, France.

An interview with Oana


Let's bring home meaning and work together to move the world with words.

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