How to Run a Translation Test to Evaluate Potential Language Service Providers

Here's how to run a translation test to ensure quality results before beginning your next localization project.


Translation tests can help buyers evaluate what it’s like to work with a translation services vendor. They can get a sense of the vendor’s communication style, turnaround times, and overall quality of the final translations.

Smartling builds trust with customers by doing a risk-free pilot to prove that our Language Services can deliver content on time and within budget. Our pilot mimics the exact way our translators work with current customers, guided by our Language Services team every step of the way.

Running a test with Smartling Language Services

Phase One

  • Identify 1,000 words - Choose words from your most important source content.
  • Select three languages - Request tests for the languages that are the highest priority for your international market expansion.
  • Provide a translation memory, style guide, and glossary - Smartling Language Services customers are required to provide these linguistic assets to guide translators on tone, direction, and brand consistency.
  • Smartling translates the content - Our translators will turn around the content within our mutually agreed-upon SLA.
  • Customer provides written feedback on translation - Let us know what worked, and what didn’t work. Our translators will take your feedback for Phase Two.

Phase Two

  • Identify another set of 1,000 words - Choose words from a similar set of source content, so our translators can incorporate your feedback.
  • Smartling translates the content - Our translators will give it another whirl! They’ll turn around content within our mutually agreed-upon SLA.
  • Customer provides written feedback and approves or rejects the trial - Let us know again what worked and what didn’t work. At this point, you can let us know if you’d like us to be your translation services vendor. (Fingers crossed you’ll say yes!)

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