Lucidchart achieves localization success with a technologically driven approach


Lucidchart, a leading visual productivity platform was created to help people understand and share ideas, information, and process with clarity. After achieving remarkable success in the United States, the company decided to expand internationally in 2016 by localizing the product and marketing in various languages worldwide.

Putting the Best Foot Forward

As they embarked on the localization journey, Lucidchart was determined to do it right from the get-go. “We want to ensure that all users have a great experience no matter where they are located,” shared Mitchell Cox, International Program Manager at Lucidchart.

Instead of segmenting their customers as English speaking and non-English speaking, Lucidchart prioritized delivering a cohesive and consistent language experience to all users worldwide. This is no easy task, especially for a company practicing agile product development. Lucidchart knew the only way forward to achieve successful content localization would involve a technology solution.

Embracing Technology

Lucidchart chose Smartling because of the speed and scalability the platform enables. Smartling’s ability to provide visual context for translation and to integrate with content platforms such as Drupal, Marketo and Zendesk, made it the preferred choice. Using Smartling, Lucidchart has been able to keep pace with their fast development cycles and can now release translated versions of their code within minutes. This has allowed them to test, iterate, ship product, and continue to improve their product and user experience.

The Secret to Success

Lucidchart's localization efforts have paid off and resulted in impressive growth for the company. They have realized a remarkable 200% YOY growth in users in Latin America and were also recently named one of the fastest growing applications in the EMEA region by OKTA.

Tyler Segalla, Smartling’s Customer Success Manager for Lucidchart, credits this success to their willingness in embracing technology, “Lucidchart has a savvy, technology-driven approach to localization. It is refreshing to work with a customer like them because they take their agile development practices and apply them to their usage of Smartling.”

The Future is Fast

Looking forward, Lucidchart works closely with the Smartling team to continue to optimize and enhance their translation processes.

“As a Customer Success Manager, my hope is that I can help my customers achieve the best outcomes possible by driving high-speed translations, at a low cost, with the best quality possible. Because Lucidchart has been so receptive to our recommendations and best practices, their localization process is one of the most efficient I’ve seen, achieving all of those goals,” adds Segalla. This is evident in Lucidchart’s adoption of a hybrid adaptive machine and human translation method for their product content.

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