Pinterest: Delivering a platform in 31 languages simultaneously


Before the Internet, it was much more difficult to plan a party, find the right recipe, or put together the perfect outfit. But with the help of Pinterest, it’s much easier to discover and execute on these things. Pinterest helps people to discover what they love and inspires them to incorporate those things into their everyday lives.


As a service, the company strives to offer a universal experience for its 100 million users, known as Pinners, regardless of language or location.

Pinterest sought technology to improve their translation program, prioritizing speed, quality, and scalability to meet growing demands. They needed a solution that would drive consistency across site versions, simplify processes for engineers, and accelerate turnaround time through customizable integrations with key content software.


Pinterest selected Smartling due to its flexibility, scalability, and smooth integration with Pinterest's Drupal instance. “With Smartling, we were able to systematize the various platforms we had deployed – such as mobile, web, and static sites – and unify them into a single process, thus reducing our time-to-market,” recalls Silvia Oviedo-López, Head of Global Growth at Pinterest.

Their streamlined process reduced translation time-to-market from 48 hours to less than eight hours and freed up their in-house engineers from daily localization tasks. As Pinterest continues to expand, the focus remains on maintaining quality across their 31 languages and strengthening their presence in key markets, all with the help of Smartling.