Mailgun and Mailjet by Sinch: Boosting localization ROI with Smartling


Mailgun and Mailjet are both part of Sinch, a communications-platform-as-a-service (CpaaS) that helps businesses deliver unified and personalized experiences through messaging, voice, and email. As part of its email offering, Sinch offers two localized email products: Mailjet and Mailgun by Sinch, both added to their portfolio via acquisitions.


When the Mailjet and Mailgun by Sinch teams first started localizing, their process was manual. The need for localization expanded beyond the content department and the company decided to launch the localization of their developer-focused email product: Mailgun by Sinch. The product, marketing, and legal teams began requesting localization. It was time to build a scalable process to manage localization efforts across the company.


The Mailjet and Mailgun teams optimized localization by integrating Smartling with Contentful, Zendesk, and Figma, cutting out manual tasks and project management. Features in the Smartling TMS improved translation quality, boosting website visits, and produced significant cost savings. This streamlined approach enabled them to expand localization efforts and get in position for future growth.

Within the first year of their partnership with Smartling, the Mailgun and Mailjet team have improved their time to market, translation quality, and website conversion rate, generating a significant return on their investment in Smartling.