Salesforce Knowledge Translation

Spread the knowledge around the world. Translate your growing Salesforce Knowledge Base at scale.

Kick your translation process up a notch

Smartling automates the translation production flow and helps to standardize content across thousands of articles.

Access linguistic assets and translation memory, 24/7

Stored in the cloud. Your translators can access the most up-to-date versions of these resources at any time, anywhere in the world.
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Choose either professional or machine translation - or a combination of both

Smartling integrates with the most accurate machine translation engines - including Google MT and DeepL. Use machine translation for low stakes content and professional human translators for your higher-value content.
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Let automated workflows organize the whole process from start to finish

Automatically route new content from Salesforce Knowledge to your translators. They’ll receive automated notifications when new work is ready for translation, editing or review.
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Communicate directly with your translators

Chat with your translators through Slack, email, or within the Smartling platform. Answer questions as they come up, and save time in the editing and review steps further down the road.
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Automatically pull new help center articles into Smartling

Leave behind the days of copy-paste and missing tags. Our integration automatically pulls new content into Smartling and gets it translation-ready.
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Centralize all content channels within Smartling

Manage all localization projects across your brand’s content channels in one place for a single source of truth.
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Onboard in 30 days or less.

Ready, set, translate. Our onboarding team will help you to realize value quickly.

An extra hand goes a long way.

Solutions consulting and advanced technical support to advance integrations.

Your goals. Our priority.

Best practices. Digital transformation. Strategy alignment. A dedicated Customer Success and Account Manager are focused on achieving your business objectives.

You have questions.
We have answers.

A team of support experts, ready to assist you.

Hello > Hola > Salut > 你好 > مرحبا > Ciao

Our translator workbench is rich with features so you can be rich in meaning. Say hello to visual context, real-time translation memory and a modern workspace.

Your translators. Or ours.

318 million words are translated in Smartling every year by Translation Services. Used by many. Trusted by all.