Localize Optimizely Experiences for Marketers and Developers

Smartling's Optimizely translation integration enables marketers & developers to professionally translate and localize Optimizely experiences into any language.

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The easiest way to translate Optimizely experiences

Smartling’s Optimizely Connector automatically ingests your content into the platform, allowing you to authorize this content for translation from within Smartling. Translators benefit from dynamic context to see how each string will fit into your translated sites, and Translations are automatically sent back to Optimizely once complete.

The integration simplifies the complexities of supporting global websites — giving marketers and website developers a scalable solution to developing incredible digital experiences in any language, more quickly than ever before.


Accelerate time to market

Smartling’s Optimizely translation integration enables a developer-light solution to creating and maintaining a global website architecture, and simplifies the process of continuously translating content into any language by automatically retrieving new content and pushing translated content back to Optimizely.

Control translation of different types of content

Smartling’s Optimizely Connector ingests four types of Optimizely content: Projects content, Blocks content, CMS content and Commerce content. Each type of content can be managed differently or the same - it’s fully customizable so that you have granular control of your content and the translation process.

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Provide translators with dynamic context

Smartling automatically ingests screenshots of your digital experience so that Smartling’s professional translators can make better decisions about how to translate the content. The WYSIWIG interface ensures translation accuracy and eliminates mistakes that are commonplace with ecommerce translation, like brand inconsistencies or string-length errors on CTAs.

Digital Experiences Gone Global

As the world grows more interconnected, companies need to launch quality translations that drive conversions without scaling teams or effort.
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“I would not have been able to launch our sites as quickly as I did if Smartling’s Optimizely integration was not in place. Smartling demonstrated a level of expertise and knowledge in localization and Optimizely content management that is unmatched—and as a result, the integration is incredibly dependable and enabled us to launch a new website with confidence.”
Jeff Shih
Jeff Shih
Senior Director of Global Web
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Top 5 Reasons Why Optimizely customers choose Smartling

Onboard in 30 days or less.
We make your success our priority. Our solution engineers and developers have a robust understanding of localization and Optimizely’s content management framework. We deploy these skills to your account so that you can deploy content and realize value quickly.
Context matters.
Smartling’s WYSIWYG translation editor statistically improves translation quality outcomes for linguists and reviewers. This is the most effective way to manage your brand at scale without having to take screenshots and coordinate efforts with translators because it’s done automatically.
Data-driven localization.
Every single activity related to translating Optimizely content is logged and seamlessly surfaced so you know exactly what’s going on within your translation program. Customers regularly learn how to drive down cost and increase efficiency on a quarterly basis with these insights and guidance from our customer success team.
The best translators.
Odds are you don’t know the language you’re trying to support, which is why it is so critically important to know the people translating your content. Smartling assigned highly qualified professionals who are vetted, certified and centrally managed - but not kept secret. You will know your translator. We will introduce you to them, and you will come to appreciate the value of this relationship because it is unmatched by our competition.
Managed Services.
If your team is overwhelmed with development activities and doesn’t have the bandwidth or headcount for a full time localization or developer resource, Smartling servers as an extension to your team to offset any work related to day-to-day management. Our team of support experts stands ready to assist you. In the meantime, we have comprehensive documentation on our Optimizely integration and translation management platform.