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Smartling’s Yext translation integration is the first and only plugin listed on the Yext App Directory that automatically scales location data into any language.

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Translation for the entire search ecosystem

Yext is the tool of choice for managing business information across websites, search engines, voice assistants, chatbots, apps, and maps. But translating the descriptions, hours, locations and relevant business data into multiple languages can quickly turn into a time-consuming headache. As the business grows, so too does this challenge. And the more information changes - which is common today - the more time you have to spend managing location data translation.

Smartling’s Yext integration allows users to professionally translate location data stored in the Yext Content with near-zero developer involvement, zero copy and paste, and the ability to update content without friction.

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Yext Managed in Smartling

Yext Content Managed in Smartling

Smartling’s Yext translation integration automatically pulls location data into Smartling’s translation management platform for easy translation management. The content is organized as you would see in Yext, which makes it turnkey to make decisions about how to translate different content fields within the Yext Content. What’s more? Filters established in Yext are carried over to further simplify this process.

Translate and auto-export translations

Smartling built a simple Yext translation process so that you can use human or machine translation. You choose based on your content, budget, and desired process. Once translations are complete, Smartling’s API-driven Yext integration automatically delivers content back into Yext. No more copy and pasting translated content into Yext one string at a time. Smartling really makes it that simple.

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Yext Translation Memory Workbench

Easily update content

Listing details and questions to frequently answered questions are regularly updated as products and services change over time. Smartling’s translation integration listed on the Yext App Directory makes it possible to continuously optimize content, leveraging a dedicated or shared translation memory to reduce cost exposure and increase the speed of delivery.

Maintain full visibility of the process at all times

Smartling’s Yext integration gives you the ability to check translation status at any point in time. Get live, real-time status updates at every step of the translation process so you can get translations as quickly as possible — without having to ever email, “Is it done yet?”

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How A Relationship with Smartling Helped Yext Translate 12 Million Words to Support Teams Around the World

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The leader in end-to-end translation management

Deliver culturally relevant content that drives conversion and fuels global growth. Smartling is the #1 rated translation management system (TMS) by users on G2. Smartling’s cloud-based TMS is accessible anywhere there is an internet connection, and our network of professional translators are assigned to your account based on the domain of your business.
“In our global economy, it’s critical for businesses to provide official answers to all of their customers, wherever they are in the world and whichever language they speak. We’re proud to introduce an integration with Smartling, the first scalable translation platform in our App Directory, to enable businesses to reach their customers at scale, in any language.”
Tyler Donahue, Senior Director of Strategic Alliances at Yext.

Be Discovered in Any Language

Translate Yext content with Smartling. It’s a simple, scalable solution to enable your discovery in any language.