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Easily translate your websites, blogs, and eCommerce stores into any language using Smartling's user-friendly connector. Effortlessly submit content for processing through Smartling's tailored human or machine translation workflows directly from the WordPress platform.

Already using the WPML Multilingual WordPress Plugin? We’re a translation service provider.

Seamless integration, fast set-up

Smartling's WordPress connector simplifies the translation process, offering a centralized way to submit, manage, and review your localized online content.

Workflows are automated and linguistic assets such as glossaries and style guides are applied centrally. As a result, translations are managed consistently, and adhere to brand guidelines, voice, and preferences. The Smartling platform provides a contextual experience for translators and reviewers, reducing errors, and increasing quality. This results in a reduced time to market of over 50% and increased conversions by 70%. Quality is 100% guaranteed.

Smartling Language Services

Smartling Language Services customers experience faster times to market, lower costs, and guaranteed quality.

When you combine Smartling’s translation platform features with professional translators, you get:

- Reduced time to market by up to 90%
- Reduced translation costs by up to 60%
- Complete transparency of the entire process
- Fast issue resolution via direct communication with linguists
- Low or no vendor management
- Expertise in Smartling platform features, CAT tool, and integrations
- 100% quality guarantee

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