Translate Sanity’s structured content with Smartling

Enable developers and content owners the flexibility to flow translated content over APIs and reuse it across channels, devices, and products to build the best experiences possible.

Sanity Translation Connector

Global content management is increasingly important as the need to engage worldwide users has become a priority across the enterprise.

Personalization is a key way to maximize engagement, but it’s hard to do since there are so many languages and channels. Smartling's Sanity Connector gives customers the ability to easily scale across languages and digital channels to increase content velocity, and access to fully integrated professional language services that customers can leverage to get their product into the market without the overhead of people and time.

Sanity TMS

Accelerate time to market

Smartling’s translation integration for Sanity provides a solution to create and maintain a global website architecture, and simplifies the process of continuously translating content into any language by automatically retrieving new content and pushing translated content back to Sanity. No funky workarounds. No copy paste.

Sanity Platform Integration

Smartling intuitively connects with your Sanity Content Lake, and offers a glimpse into your Sanity Studio from Smartling. Sanity Studio Documents can be searched and sorted before being authorized for the translation process. From here, you can easily check on the status of translations so that when you’re asked if the translations are ready yet, you’ll have an answer at your fingertips.

Context Demo

Visual Context Improves Translation Quality

Smartling automatically ingests screenshots of the digital experience managed in Sanity so human translators can actually see the content like an end user. The WYSIWYG interface ensures translation accuracy and eliminates mistakes that are commonplace with translating nuanced brand copy.

Comprehensive Language Services

Integrating with Smartling connects you with its comprehensive language services. We match professional translators with your content who are experienced with your industry. The language services team will manage the translators and ensure the quality and timeliness of delivery always meets your expectations.


All of Your Brand Assets In One Place

Your content is the lifeblood of your brand. That’s why we’ve made it possible for you to easily capture and codify brand preferences in Smartling. Our AI-powered toolkit automatically generates brand terminology, and you can provide guidance on content style preferences, customize workflows, and configure translation memory however you wish.

Like what you see?

Say goodbye to dated workflows. And hello to automated translation.

Top 5 Reasons Why Sanity customers choose Smartling

Onboard in 30 days or less.
We make your success our priority. Our solution engineers and developers have a robust understanding of localization and Sanity’s content management framework. We deploy these skills to your account so that you can deploy content and realize value quickly.
Context matters.
Smartling’s WYSIWYG translation editor statistically improves translation quality outcomes for linguists and reviewers. This is the most effective way to manage your brand at scale without having to take screenshots and coordinate efforts with translators because it’s done automatically.
Data-driven localization.
Every single activity related to translating Sanity content is logged and seamlessly surfaced so you know exactly what’s going on within your translation program. Customers regularly learn how to drive down cost and increase efficiency on a quarterly basis with these insights and guidance from our customer success team.
The best translators.
Odds are you don’t know the language you’re trying to support, which is why it is so critically important to know the people translating your content. Smartling assigned highly qualified professionals who are vetted, certified and centrally managed - but not kept secret. You will know your translator. We will introduce you to them, and you will come to appreciate the value of this relationship because it is unmatched by our competition.
Managed Services.
If your team is overwhelmed with development activities and doesn’t have the bandwidth or headcount for a full time localization or developer resource, Smartling serves as an extension to your team to offset any work related to day-to-day management. Our team of support experts stands ready to assist you. In the meantime, we have comprehensive documentation on our Sanity integration and translation management platform.

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