Contentstack Translation Integration

Smartling for Contentstack enables enterprise developers and business users to build and deploy content across every channel and touchpoint in the consumer journey into any language.

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Translate Contentstack omnichannel experiences into any language

Contentstack enables enterprise developers and business users to build and deploy content across every channel and touchpoint in the consumer journey. This content is inherently global—anyone can access it with a web browser or smart device so long as they have access to the internet. How do you ensure those experiences are personalized for your key markets?

Smartling is the cutting-edge translation company with technology to automate translation and fully integrated translation services that enables you to reach consumers anywhere.

Together, Smartling for Contentstack enables seamless translation, by integrating with Entries and Releases, capturing source content and visual context to trigger Smartling’s high-quality translation workflow.

All translations are pulled into Contentstack automatically without any human intervention. Easy peasy.

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Smartling for Contentstack

Understanding the New Hybrid App

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Smartling for Contentstack is a Translation Extension

Smartling’s integration with Contentstack is designed to feel like an extension to a familiar workspace and offers all of the tools you need to manage translation.

  1. Search, filter and sort Entries and Releases to easily locate and authorize translations
  2. Track changes to translated and edited content
  3. Configure and customize translation workflows, automations and quality control
  4. Communicate directly with the human translator to optimize the content and resolve questions

Smartling for Contentstack Workflow

  • Contentstack Entries and Releases
  • Smartling Integration for Contentstack
  • Request Translations
  • Customizable Translation Workflow
  • Automatically pull Translations to Contentstack

Five Reasons Why Contentstack Customers Choose Smartling

Onboard in 30 days or less. We make your success our priority.
Context matters. Statistically improve translation quality with a WYSIWYG editor for linguists and reviewers.
Automate translation. Eliminate all the friction in the translation workflow by automating the entire process surrounding professional translation. Plug it in, and focus developers on other initiatives that will have a higher impact on the end user experience.
Know your translator. The translator’s task is to re-write your content in a language you probably don’t speak. Smartling’s unparalleled access to translators gives you confidence, and the translator resources to improve their work.
Customizable infrastructure. Every customer has their own process and requirements. Smartling’s translation management system is capable, feature rich, and fully customizable.

Top-Rated Squared

Integrate Smartling for Contentstack to access the G2 Rated #1 Headless CMS and the #1 Translation Management System and translation services provider to translate and localize your content today.