Smartling for Iterable

Craft multilingual campaigns your users will love.

Smartling announces integration with Iterable

Make your Iterable campaigns multilingual and watch your conversion grow. Smartling allows you to easily translate and localize your marketing campaigns to connect with customers in their own language.


More languages, greater impact

This integration seamlessly exchanges data between Iterable and Smartling so you can translate email, push, in-app and SMS templates with ease. Once content is imported into Smartling, teams can leverage Smartling’s full suite of TMS features to build your ideal translation workflow. After the translation is complete, templates can be automatically pushed back into Iterable and be ready for sending to customers.

Workflows are automated and linguistic assets such as glossaries and style guides are applied centrally. As a result, translations are managed consistently, and adhere to brand guidelines, voice, and preferences. The Smartling platform provides a contextual experience for translators and reviewers, reducing errors, and increasing quality. This results in a reduced time to market of over 50% and increased conversions by 70%. Quality satisfaction is 100% guaranteed.

Smartling Language Services

Smartling Language Services customers experience faster times to market, lower costs, and guaranteed quality.

When you combine Smartling’s translation platform features with professional translators, you get:

- Reduced time to market by up to 90%
- Reduced translation costs by up to 60%
- Complete transparency of the entire process
- Fast issue resolution via direct communication with linguists
- Low or no vendor management
- Expertise in Smartling platform features, CAT tool, and integrations
- 100% quality guarantee

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