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Smartling’s Language Services offer the most direct relationship between customers and translators of any provider on the market. You will not only have access to great translators, but you will also have the ability to communicate with them directly. And, you get to do this without having to think about or manage any part of the translation process.

Meet Our Translators

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Translation from the Source

Smartling’s translators are 100% native speakers and almost exclusively live in-market. They are professionally trained in the disciplines of translation and frequently have achieved advanced certifications or degrees in a specific field. It's not uncommon for customers whose content requires highly skilled writers in fields of law, medicine, or other similarly critical fields to be matched with experts in the respective domain. We do this every day without breaking a sweat.

A partner that goes the extra mile.

Managing language-specific deadlines

Once you submit a translation job and assign a deadline for the project, the language services team takes the lead on assigning the content to your specific translators, and ensuring their time is properly balanced to meet the delivery date of your project. For Smartling, it’s incredibly simple to get a bird's eye view of a single translator’s workload across every customer and adjust priorities accordingly. Other service providers don’t have this level of intelligence into their workforce, and the result is missed deadlines and an unnecessary headache.


Training translators on our CAT tool & the continuous feedback loop

Smartling translators are required to use the platform for 100% of the translation work. Because they are part of our team, we take the time to fully train them on every CAT Tool feature, and how to leverage its communication tools so that you can easily discuss string-level inputs. What’s more is that because the translators work in the platform, you have the ability to see exactly where they are in the process at any given time, and we regularly run reports to ensure each translator assigned to your account is completing work within the benchmarks with a low correction rate.

Language services that have your back.


Quality guarantee and adherence to linguistic assets

At your direction and with our guidance, Smartling configures a series of up to 27 automated quality checks. These quality checks notify the translator and Smartling project manager (PM) when specific rules aren’t followed in the translated content. The Smartling PM works independently with the translator to resolve open issues unless it requires the input of the customer.


Get to market on your time

Translators take time off, countries shut down for holidays, and people get sick. These are realities that you don’t have to think about when you work with Smartling’s language services. Our PMs work directly with you to ensure project deadlines are met no matter the circumstance.


Competitive rates & no project minimums

Smartling’s rates are competitive with the industry and we never require a minimum word count (so now you can translate that one-word CTA change without paying excess fees).

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