5 Advantages to Using a Translation Management System

Maximize your time, money and quality of translations with a comprehensive TMS partner.

Sample RFP

The tricky part about creating your translation RFP?

Recognizing all of the different things your company does that will impact the types of translation solutions you need... 😅

Smartling’s Sample RFP will help assess your own business requirements to help better identify the appropriate solution for you.

Download Translation RFP Template

How Investing in The Right Tools for a Global Strategy Drives ROI

A Translation Management System (TMS) provides the necessary functionality and efficiency to deliver amazing brand experiences and content in any language.

  • Automated workflows save time
  • Translation Memory saves money
  • Provides greater visibility into the translation process
  • Quality checks ensure all published content is error-free
  • Tap into native speakers from anywhere in the world via a cloud-based platform

Translation is at the center of global revenue, and it’s important to invest in the right technology and expertise to ensure a smooth introduction, deliver the highest quality results, and maximize this area for potential growth to deliver the highest ROI possible.

Smartling’s Sample Translation RFP provides:

Framework For Growth

Questions for companies to better understand what you need to expand to global markets.

Technical Evaluation

It’s not just about creating global content, technical configurations need to be considered.

Service & Support Inquiry

The contract is signed.. what does the relationship with the TMS partner look like from here?

Our sample RFP was created to help with all of these variables.

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