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2022 Global Ready Conference

Global Ready Conference on April 12th, 2022 brought together best-in-class industry experts to share actionable insights that you can apply to your own translation and localization programs. Check out our favorite sessions from conference day now.

365: The Future of Translation

Smartling's founder and President, Jack Welde, kicks of Global Ready Conference with an insightful discussion around the future of translation, plus delivers some exciting news about Smartling and where we're headed next!

The Power Behind the Proxy

Learn how Smartling customers Goldcast and Lacework use Smartling's proxy, The Global Delivery Network (GDN) to manage their localization and multilingual website projects to reach global audiences.

Curious About MT?

This panel addresses common questions around the translation industry's fastest growing trend - Machine Translation. Industry experts answer how it can be used efficiently to ensure quality and actual cost savings.

How Monese Saved Thousands & Improved Speed

Monese's Localization Lead, Eve Loopere, shares her team's localization strategy to leverage machine translation and Zendesk, replacing the need for a 24/7 support team, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars.

GoFundMe & Lightricks’ Best Practices for Scalability

GoFundMe and Lightricks discuss the ways they use multiple integrations and API connectors to manage their localization and translation at scale across various content types, languages, and departments.

Why Join Smartling's Translator Network

This panel will feature Smartling translators and the Language Services Team who will share ways that you can build your career as a Smartling translator, as well as how they utilize the platform to work across various industries.

Coinbase's Secret to Rapid Global Growth

Hear about Coinbase's globalization strategy, including how glossaries and centralized processes have been key to fast tracking global growth while scaling translations amidst crypto’s ever-evolving language.

Product Roadmap

In this session, VP of Product, Andrew Saxe, reviews our upcoming product roadmap and unveils how we plan to make localization managers' jobs easier. Let's put the future into motion!

Smartling Integrations: What's New, Q&A

Product Manager, Steven Sorenson and Dmitry Studinskiy, Director of Platform Integrations, showcase the latest integration updates, new additions, and give a rundown of all existing Smartling integrations with Q&A to follow.

Why Invest in Translation?

Smartling CEO sits down with investor and Venture Capitalist, Morad Elhafed, to talk about why the time is now to invest in translation and localization, and what that means for the future of global business.

A Message From New CEO, Bryan Murphy

Newly appointed Chief Executive Officer, Bryan Murphy, introduces himself and discusses his experience in the tech world, thoughts on the industry and what he's excited about for the future of Smartling.

2021 Global Ready Conference

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A New Era
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How Investors Think About Global Growth
The 411: What We Need From a Language Services Provider
Local vs Global: What the Thermometer Model has to do with Translation
The Next Wave – What’s in Demand?
Musical Guests - The California Honeydrops

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