Gavin Grimes

Vice President, Language Services at Smartling

Gavin Grimes headshot

Originally from Ireland, Gavin began working in localization after the government began to offer tax incentives for companies to create their headquarters in Dublin. After studying to be a Civil Engineer, Gavin found work with Lotus Development. From there, he moved on to work at their headquarters in Boston on internationalization of Lotus Notes on non-PC platforms. After a few years, he joined a start-up in the language space and accelerated his learning and understanding of the industry. After that start-up was acquired by We Localize, Gavin integrated a Chinese company and ended up staying there for 6 years. Part of his role was to educate and prepare his colleagues in the US and Europe about working with a Chinese company. After making his way up the ladder at We Localize, Gavin has now landed at Smartling as VP of Language Services.