Meet language access policy requirements within your budget

Smartling is how state, local, and federal governments meet the growing needs of their limited English-proficiency (LEP) population to communicate important information in their preferred language.

Translation for Government Agencies

Powering Top State, Local, and Education Government Agencies

It’s the easiest, most cost-effective way to provide complete language access.

With our professional linguists who are local experts and native speakers experienced in the government sector.

With integrations ready to be connected to your existing tools and systems.

When you combine all of those, you get:

  • Tens of thousands of dollars saved
  • Hundreds of thousands of human hours saved
  • New languages launched in as few as two days

Improve translation cost and efficiency with Translation Management Software

You can reduce translation costs and increase ROI without sacrificing quality.

Simplified translation processes, reduced repetitive work, better consistency, and decreased time to market. This is how Translation Management Software can be leveraged to improve ROI.

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Free Up Time with Managed Services

Would you benefit from a team of experts implementing and maintaining your strategy and integrations?

Extend your team at a fraction of the cost with our managed services.

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The Benefits of Machine Translation

Machine translation is a priority for many global companies today because it helps improve time to market and ROI.

But where to start is the question.

Let’s talk about how machine translation can be used to improve efficiency, quality, and cost.

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Book with text on cover: The Complete Guide to Translation Services

The Complete Guide to Translation Services

When language services and translation software work together, you can improve your return on investment by saving money and increasing output

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