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What is localization?

In today’s digital world we must consider local culture, translation alone is not enough.

Localization is the process of adapting a piece of content's full meaning for a new region, including translation, associated imagery, and cultural elements that influence how your content will be perceived.

Make every aspect of your website resonate with your audience in mind. Fully localized content encompasses an impactful experience because it incorporates a special cultural nuance, creating a familiar feel for all users.

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How localization can help your brand

Our localization services look at every part of your content to ensure that your content resonates with your audience, wherever they might be and whatever language they might speak. We take into account everything to make your content perfect for each audience.

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Translating your content from the source language is just the beginning of successful localization.

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Tone & Messaging

Our process considers what will best resonate with your audience.

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User Interface

Develop cultural context for your website, apps and software for people speaking all languages.

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Payment Method

Localized payment systems offer relevant payment methods based on location and list prices in the correct currency.

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Date, Time, Measurement & Number Formats

Language and location have different numerical formats, dates, times and measurements. Create impactful content that resonates with all.

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Imagery & Color

Certain signs and color appropriations vary from country to country. Automatically switch imagery and colors based on what’s culturally appropriate in the user’s country.

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Our Process

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Content Creation

Easily connect your existing platforms, create content & automate it for translation using our pre-built connectors.

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Translate content to be tailored to your target audience with Smartling Language Services.

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Go one step further than translation and localize content on all business platforms for users all around the world.

Why our customers love Smartling

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"Smartling's end-to-end solution and data-driven approach to localization integrates with our AEM instance, saving us time and resources when updating in-language content and adding support for new markets."

Chris Hamilton Director of Digital Experience, Marketing & Channels Applications

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