Managed Services

Outsource your localization management with Smartling's Managed Services.

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Leave the day-to-day to us.

Extend your localization team with managed localization services to meet demanding business goals. Managed Services manages translation projects end-to-end to ensure every stakeholder has what they need to get the job done.

Save time & maximize your reach with outsourced localization project management.

✔ Account administration and project management
✔ Content management
✔ Resource management
✔ White-glove support and training


How it works

Our most comprehensive professional services offering provides a dedicated team of Smartling experts to carry out your internal processes. Before Day 1 with Managed Services, we develop a custom support scope to help you achieve your organization’s localization goals. We ensure that every localization task gets checked off and done right, worry-free.

Achieve more with Managed Services

Translation program support

Our experienced localization project management team will take over your entire project cycle, adapting to your internal processes and tools with expertise in Smartling’s platform and integrations.

Translation program support

Our team will handle all day-to-day localization tasks associated with your Smartling account, so you can focus on crafting your business's overarching localization strategy. 

Third-party LSP management

Outsource your translation vendor management. Our team liaises with vendors, routes questions to the right resources, prioritizes content and ensures SLAs are met.

Global support

US Support

Europe support