Pricing tailored to how much you translate.

And the number of integrations you use. Smartling’s simple plans make it easy to get started, scale or manage translations across the enterprise.


Translate applications with an intuitive, robust translation platform.

Connect with Smartling:

  • Drag & Drop Files
  • API
  • Integrations
  • Global Delivery Network

Top Features:

  • CAT Tool
  • Visual Context
  • Strings View
  • Machine Translation Integrations
  • Reporting and Analytics


Centralize and manage translation across your global content channels.

Connect with Smartling:

  • Drag & Drop Files
  • API
  • Integrations
  • Global Delivery Network

Top Features:

  • Custom Workflows
  • Translation Job Automation
  • Single Sign-On
  • MT Automation
  • Advanced Translation Memory Management
  • Review Mode
  • Vendor Management
  • Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Which plan is right for you?

The fastest way to scope your pricing is for us to understand your requirements.

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How many words are you going to translate?

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How many languages do you need to support?

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How many content types need to be translated?

Smartling's pricing is based on the plan you need and the translations you create.

Smartling's software is what enables scale, and Smartling translators are people who write content. Our pricing is separate to simplify the math, and to be transparent about where each dollar is spent.

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Software Subscription

Based on the number of languages and tech required. Billed annually.

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Translation Services

Based on the number of words you translated. Billed monthly.

Create Words with Meaning

Smartling Language Services provides coverage for all of your translation needs.

language pairs
Communication with translators
faster turnarounds
native speakers
word minimum for translation
on- time guarantee
translator pass rate
overall cost savings
translation quality guarantee

Linguistic Asset Management

The simplest way to improve translation quality.

Linguistic Asset Management is a comprehensive professional service offered by Smartling to position translators to create high quality content by establishing and optimizing your glossary and style guide.


Launch new languages with confidence.

Starting at


+ Translated and localized versions at $150/ locale

English Glossary
20 terms

Foundational English Style Guide
Analysis of your content to document the tone, formality and style. The output is a two-page style guide.


Strategically improve translation quality.

Starting at


+ Translated and localized versions at $950/ locale

English Glossary
100 terms with algorithmic approach to sourcing terminology

Comprehensive English Style Guide
Expertly crafted direction for how translators can manage content for specialized industries or niche content. The output is a 5-10 page style guide that considers the localization requirements of each region.

More devices. More content.

Translation complexity lends itself to a variety of challenges. Do any of these sound familiar?

Quantity of languages ➡️ increased project management 🧟

Content types 📱💻📷📺📹⌚ ➡️ decentralizes translation🙊

Translation frequency ➡️ impacts developer’s efficiency

Translation volume ➡️ costs grow and grow 💸

Smartling leads the way in enterprise security


Certifies presence of best security practices for secure processing and transmission of credit card data. View Certificate


Certifies a third-party vendor’s controls over security, availability, processing integrity, and confidentiality or privacy. View Certificate


Certifies an external vendor’s controls over privacy and security of certain health information covered by the law. View Certificate

ISO 17100

Certifies presence and capability of standard processes and resources to deliver a quality translation service that will meet the client’s and other applicable specifications. View Certificate


  • How much does Smartling cost?Smartling’s pricing model is simple. It scales based on the number of languages and number of integrations. Chat with us now to get started.
  • Does Smartling have professional human translators?Yes! We work with talented writers who are all native speakers. They live all over the world. In fact, we just created a new book about these people who create content that connects people and place. Learn more about how our translators are helping to Move the World With Words.
  • Does Smartling work with all languages/locales?Yes! Smartling’s machine-learning platform supports any language pair which allows you to translate from any source language to any target language. In addition, we have translators to support any language pair.
  • What file types does Smartling support for translations?Smartling works with most file types. See the file types supported by Smartling.
  • Can Smartling work with my tech stack?Yes, Smartling makes it easy to connect to your tech stack with integrations across CMSs, Marketing Automation, eCommerce, code repository, customer support, and application support platforms. Find the integration that works for you.

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"Smartling’s Translation Management System has eliminated a number of daily localization tasks, once required of our engineers, freeing up their time to work on other projects."

Silvia Ovideo-López, Localization and International Operations


"We were able to launch our new AdRoll Group website in seven languages within just two weeks!"

Gavin Flood, Senior Director of Marketing

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Smartling is a language translation company that leverages software and human translators to revolutionize the way you think about driving global commerce. Powered by a cloud-based application that leverages machine learning, you will realize a data-driven approach to localization, leverage world-class translators, and together move the world with words.

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